Funtober Halloween Costumes

Cat Hats for Pet Cat Costumes

There are a number of cat hats available for sale on Etsy that would make for a cute pet cat costume for Halloween. Here are some links:

Pumpkin Cat Hat from HandmadeMonster
Witch Hat for Cats from ToScarboroughFair
Uncle Sam Cat Costume from Pampered Whiskers
Devil Horns for Cats from RadicalFringeX
Monkey Costume for Cats from Nestasnest

Why am I sending you to Etsy instead of selling them here at Funtober? My current costume supplier doesn’t stock any pet cat costumes. Seriously. That shocked me too, since there are 86 million pet cats in the United States. And they have a number of dog costumes.

I couldn’t leave cat owners high and dry, so I went in search of cat costumes for cats the other day. Etsy seemed like the best place to send you. When I find a good source for pet cat costumes, I’ll replace this funny photo of a cat in a halloween costume. Until then, enjoy!

catcostumePhoto by Flickr’s faeryboots.