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Princess Elsa the Snow Queen Costumes

We’ve gathered various Snow Queen costumes and DIY options for adults and kids who want to be Princess Elsa from Disney’s Frozen movie. There are also hair and makeup tutorials for the Snow Queen!

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With the release of the Disney movie Frozen for Thanksgiving 2013, we expect that there may be a few Snow Queens running around town spreading ice, snow and frigid weather this winter. So we have gathered a couple Snow Queen costume options for you to consider. Our warehouse doesn’t stock any of these costume options. But we wanted to help you find your Frozen costume anyway!

There are three official Snow Queen costume options. One is an officially licensed Disney product for Princess Elsa made by a costume manufacturer and sold at Halloween costume stores. The other is available as part of the costume collection at the Disney store. Here is the Princess Elsa costume from the Halloween costume manufacturer:

This deluxe blue dress for your Princess Elsa costume is made by costume manufacturer Disguise. You can buy this costume at Buycostumes.

Amazon and other retailers are also selling a dress for Princess Elsa made by Disney. Unfortunately, this kids costume doesn’t list a size (and I have searched other retailers!). Oh well. In this costume collection, you will also find a tiara and jewelry set for Elsa the Snow Queen. So if you are looking to add on to your costume purchase, you might consider these options:

Adult Snow Queen Costumes

We have found two adult costume options that might work for the Snow Queen. sells a White Queen costume and an Ice Queen costume that might be appropriate for women’s Elsa costume.

White Queen

Ice Queen Costume:

There are two more costume options for girls.

Rubies makes a number of ice princess or snow princess costumes that might be an option for kids. And carries a girls snow queen costume as well.

Snow Queen:

Ice Princess Costume:

DIY Ideas:

If you are crafty, you might try making your own Elsa costume. Here are two tutorials for snow princess costumes that might give you some ideas. The first is an instructional guide to making a snow princess costume for girls from Grey Luster Girl. The second is a Youtube video for a simple DIY Snow Princess costume. Neither attempts to replicate Elsa from Frozen but you may get some ideas from their attempts.

Princess Elsa Hair and Makeup Tutorials:

There are a couple makeup and hair tutorials for Elsa out on Youtube right now. We’re writing this a few days before the release of the movie, so we imagine that there may be a few more added in the coming weeks if the look gets popular. Disney Styles has a good video demonstrating how to do a textured french braid like the one worn by Elsa in the movie. In this video, the Disney Inspirations makeup artist (probably not affiliated with Disney) replicates the look of Princess Elsa with a makeup tutorial.

We also found a few interesting and amazing frozen makeup looks that have no affiliation with the movie but we thought you might enjoy recreating for a look that is inspired by, but not authentic to, the Frozen movie. These three snow princess and snow queen makeup tutorials might be just what you are looking for instead!

That wraps up our information about Princess Elsa the Snow Queen from the Disney movie Frozen. Be sure to check out our options for a Princess Anna costume as well as any other Disney Frozen costumes.