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Find information on all the spectacular Halloween haunted houses in Texas for 2016.  As you might expect Texas is a big state with lots of really scary haunted attractions.  Funtober has a complete list of haunted houses, haunted trails, haunted corn mazes, scream parks, and more Halloween fun events.  Expect to find haunts with Hollywood set designs, live actors, creepy costumes, air blasters, and more than a few screams.  Look out for zombies, witches, vampires, creatures, monsters, and more than a couple Freddy’s and Jason’s roaming the Texas countryside in 2015.

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There are 63 haunts in Texas with some being the best attractions in the nation.  We have separate attraction links and listings for haunted houses USAhaunted corn mazes, haunted trails, haunted zombie paintballhaunted forests, haunted hayrides, and ghost tours.

3HaunTs Haunted House - Shepherd, TX
“The Boogeyman loves to play for keeps” at Heart Stopper Fright. It has 13 acres of terror and an Army of Darkness. There are 3 haunts available separately or as a combo package. Parking is free and it runs from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. The haunts are Woods of Deception, Maze of Halloween, and House of Unholy. The combo ticket is $30-35.

Amarillo Scaregrounds - Amarillo, TX
Haunt doors open at 7 pm. The Pepsi Pass Combo ticket is $35 to enter Terror, Insanitarium, The Basement, Blackout, and Zombie Apocalypse. You can purchase individual tickets to these attractions for $15, $15, $20, $5, and $5 respectively.

Boneyard Haunted House - Arlington, TX
“Experience the Fear” at the Boneyard. Tickets are $35. Doors open at 7 pm every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October 2015. Friday and Saturday nights they are open until midnight. Open until 10 pm other nights. Haunt is located across from Six Flags and near Texas Stadium.You can enter Reindeer Manor Haunted House for the ticket price of $15 or all three for a combo price of $35. The manor opens September 25th and every Friday and Saturday nights in October. Reindeer Manor is about a great manor, insane father, and children who are poisoned and demented killers. They open at 7:00 pm on Saturday nights and 8:00 pm on Friday nights. Doors close at 12:00 am.

Chainsaw Massacre - Tickets are $12. Freddy’s Haunts opens at 7 pm. It is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Closes most nights at 10:30 pm., TX
A special 3D haunted house the 6th Street Massacre supplies 3D glasses. Tickets are $20. Haunt is open 7 pm to midnight. The season begins September 25th. Then attraction is open every Friday and Saturday nights.

Chaos Haunted House - Alvarado, TX
Presented by Chaos as Texas Scaregrounds there is more than a few blood and gore scenes to scare you senseless. A short drive from Fort Worth, get close and follow the screams. Tickets for the all new attraction Texas Scaregrounds are $15. Also visit Panic’s Playground for free with games, face painting, concessions, and events. Mischief is open Friday and Saturday nights from mid-September. Doors open at 7 pm and close at midnight on Friday and Saturday. Doors close at 10 pm all other nights.

Circus of the Dead - Odessa, TX
This is a 2 haunt 8000 square foot haunted warehouse attraction put on by BloodyBill. Doors open from 7 pm until 10 pm. Featured are Def Con 1 Haunted Warehouse and Curse of the Dead. Def Con features zombies from beyond the grave. The curse is a murder maze.

Cutting Edge Haunted House - Fort Worth, TX
Guinness marked Cutting Edge Haunted House as the “World’s Largest Walk Through Haunted House”. The dark attraction is filled with terrifying live characters, amazing special effects, and incredible monsters. Tickets are $29.95. How long does it take to go through Cutting Edge? The answer is how fast can you run. Actually it takes about 55 minutes to go through this haunt. Cutting Edge opens on September 11th.. Regualar hours the doors open at 7 pm or 8 pm and runs until 10 pm or midnight. Check their schedule for details. Voted one of the best attractions anywhere.

Dark Hour Haunted House - Plano, TX
This is the third year for this spectacular 47,000 square foot haunt. This is one of the most technical haunts anywhere with lots of animatronics, motion sensors, and QSC sound speakers. Tickets are $26.

Fearshire Farms - Angleton, TX
The three attractions plus the courtyard are open 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm every Friday and Saturday night starting in early September. They also have a free courtyard that has a campfire pit for marshmallows, a pumpkin display, a shooting gallery, Bucking Bull, maze, food and drinks. They have three levels of scary entertainment. Tickets to the haunts are: Fearsons Farm House $20, Dead End Corn Maze $20, and Honkey’s Fun House $15. The Fear Pass Combo ticket (all three) includes the courtyard entertainment sells for $30.

Hangman’s House of Horrors - Fort Worth, TX
New House, same as last year location, and lots of new horrors for this 26 year old haunt. This is described as “The Best Place to get Spooked”. There are 3 haunts at Hangman’s House of Horrors. A full evening of entertainment with live bands, karaoke, festival game activities, food trucks, and free parking. The haunts are Hangman’s which takes about 30 minutes to go through. Then 3D Wonderland takes you through a look at Alice through the rabbit hole. Finally Outbreak is infested by what else but Zombies. Tickets are $25. Notes specials are available online including season passes, coupons, group discounts, two for one tickets, and more. Check their online website for details. The story is back in 1882 a lynch mob ended the terror of Hezekiah Jones who hanged more than 100 innocent persons. The attraction opens Friday, September 18th. Doors are open 7:30 pm and close at midnight most nights.

Haunted Mayfield Manor - Galveston, TX
Mayfield Manor is open on various dates throughout the entire year including every day in July and August. During October it is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from the 1st through the 31st. On Friday nights it is open from 5 pm until 10 pm. On Saturday the hours are 2 pm until 10 pm. Sunday hours are 1 pm until 6 pm. Tickets are $10. October – Call 409-762-6677 for schedule.

Haunted Trails - Houston, TX
The Haunted Trails is very scary. A General admission Ticket for $25 gets you into both Haunted Trails and Psycho Hollow .

House of Torment - Austin, TX
Now with more than 10 years of haunting the House of Torment has 3 haunted attractions for the price of one. Tickets are $19.99 – $28.99. It has long been recognized as one of America’s top haunted attractions. Featured haunted houses include Cursed, The Awakening, and The Slaughterhouse. Most Friday and Saturday nights have music, DJ, live radio broadcast, and undead dancers. House of Torment is open more than 30 dates during September, October, and November. Call (512) 407 9449 for details. Generally it is open every Friday and Saturday night from September 18th. Most Friday and Saturdays open 7 pm until midnight. Most other dates open 7:30 until 11 pm.

Houston Scream Fest - Houston, TX
Tickets are $35 for Screamfest including admission to Castle of Doom and The Sanitarium. It opens October 1st. Doors open at 8 pm and closes at either 10:30 pm or midnight. Expect big crowds and lots of fun at this place. However, parts of Houston Screamfest featuring the haunt Texas Chainsaw Maze are free including movies and live bands nightly. Adult beverages served at the bar. You get the haunted house, maze, and suspension show included for free. What a deal! Ten attractions including three new Zombie Paintball shoots. Spend the evening at this fun entertainment facility.

Houston Terrordome - Channelview, TX
If you weren’t scared at other places try Terror Dome. See their posted Schedule on their website as some nights they open at 7 pm and close at midnight. They have many discount ticket nights. Full Terror tickets are $20. Also some nights include a live DJ and Zombie Dancers. The place is fully air conditioned (to keep the dead bodies cool).

Moxley Manor - Bedford, TX
Expect strange creatures, blood, and zombies at Moxley Manor Haunted House. A story of infidelity, jealously, debt, and murder at a local family home. Moxley Manor is open Christmas, Friday’s the 13th, Valentines Day, and of course many dates around Halloween. Doors open at 8 pm in September and 7:30 pm in October. If you want wear your costume however no face masks. Attraction closes on Friday and Saturday in October at midnight. Open until 10 pm on other dates. Moxley Manor kicks off their season in mid-September. This is an indoor haunt open rain or shine. Tickets are $17.

Nightmare on 19th Street - Lubbock, TX
There are 4 attractions at Nightmare on 19th Street. Doors open at 7:30 pm in October. Tickets are $20 on Sundays. Tickets are $25 on Fridays and Saturdays. Nightmare kicks off September 26th. The haunted attractions are Skullick, Blood Moon Manor, Twisted Tales, and City of the Lost. Back for 2015 is 3D Twisted Tales featuring ghouls and ghosts from Grimm’s tales.

Nightmare on the Bayou - Houston, TX
Nightmare on the Bayou bills itself as America’s scariest Halloween attraction as seen on the Travel Channel. It is located next to Houston’s oldest graveyard. It is a large haunted house with over 15,000 square feet of terror. Nightmare opens at 7:30 and closes at 11 pm. Nightmare opens Friday, September 25th. Tickets are $22 for either haunt or the combo ticket for $38. Check their website for family night, police, military and more discounted tickets.

Phobia Haunted Houses - Houston, TX
All new location for 2015. They call themselves “Houston’s biggest haunted house attraction”. Phobia features 8 haunted attractions all at one location. There are separate lines and separate ticket prices. You should allow 15 minutes to complete each haunt. Tickets are $15 per haunt or combo packages at $30, and $40. Expect to find psycho clowns, robots, staggering zombies, eerie woods, and screaming chainsaws. The haunts are Mind Control, 3 D Phobia, Claustrophobia, Darke Institute, Dawn of the Machine, Darke World, Fowler’s Woods, and Mania.

RedRum Haunt - Richmond, TX
RedRum has three haunted attractions for one low price. Tickets are $15 for a single haunt entry. The themes change each year for all new shows. It beginning at 7:00 pm nightly.

Reindeer Manor Halloween Park - Red Oak, TX
There are three haunts named 13th Street Morgue, Dungeon of Doom, and Reindeer Manor. Find this haunt at Reindeer Manor Abusement Park. Tickets are $15 each or $25 for two shows, or a $35 combo price for all three. In October the attractions open at 7 pm on Saturdays and at 8 pm on Fridays. They are open Friday and Saturday from September 26th. Most nights they close at 12:30 am. The Morgue dates back to 1915 and has been the location of many paranormal investigations. It is the 2nd most real haunted house in Texas. The Dungeon of Doom is located in an old saloon haunted by 4 entities. Attraction has been recognized nationally for fantastic entertainment.

Scare For A Cure - Manor, TX
Scare hosts Dread Asylum this year as a charity haunt that supports many community good causes. It features three attractions including Fairy Tale Nightmares, Murder at Ghost Town, and The Boneyard. Tickets are $40. It opens October 2nd. Fairy Tale takes about 45 minutes to complete. From a Zombie wasteland to a carnival of lost souls you will find great entertainment at Scare for a Cure.

Screams - Waxahachie, TX
There are 5 major attractions at Screams Halloween Theme Park. Tickets are $27. Activities include the haunts plus games, actors, rides, karaoke, food and drink. The haunts are Castle of Darkness, 3D Pirates of Peril Point, Ghoul’s Graveyard, Unkel Koy’s Klown Maze, and an all new for 2015 Hotel of Horror. Screams opens 7:30 pm every Friday and Saturday. This park is open until 1:30 am on Friday and Saturday.

ScreamWorld - Houston, TX
ScreamWorld has been around for over 24 years. It takes about one hour to go through all five house attractions. Tickets online are $25 or $29 at the door. Online tickets currently are reduced for an unknown limited time. ScreamWorld opens Friday, September 18th. Doors open at 8 pm and closes at midnight on Friday and Saturday. Haunt closes at 10:00 pm other nights. It takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete this haunt. The haunts are Skull Cave featuring animatronics, VooDoo Swamp, and Psycho Farm House. Jakes’s Slaughterhouse is a grim old style meat processing plant complete with slaughtered beef. Edge of Darkness features a morgue, hospital, and death row. Maze of Maniacs has meandering corridors, strobe lights, and ghouls. Finally Zombie Graveyard is an outdoor attraction with undead creatures. This place has received numerous awards for creativity and terror. Expect to be entertained.

Slaughterhouse - Ellum, TX
Slaughterhouse features 16,000 square feet of future terror. It is all redesigned for 2015. Tickets are $23. It will open Saturday from 9 pm to 1 am on September 26th. It is open 8 pm until 1 am most night ad 2 am some nights. Check their ticket schedule for your exact date and time.

Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus - Grand Prairie, TX
An all new haunt comes to Texas. This is one of the best haunt organizations in the country. They put together high tech horror for thrill seekers and families alike. Tickets are around $35.. Laugh or scream at the fire spitting semi-truck that driven by a crazed clown. A special circus they feature lots of blood thirsty clowns. They also feature a 16 foot screen with their own preview movie. I recommend visiting this new attraction. Open most nights through November 1st. Check website for schedule.

Tayman Graveyard - Midlothian, TX
It is open 7:30 pm until 12 pm most nights. Tickets are $20-27 for adults with discounts available on their website. Attraction features a maze, 3D clown experience, a walkthrough Gravedigger’s Hollow, and the flagship attraction Funeral Home.

Terror Mansion - San Antonio, TX
Terror is 23 rooms of horror. Rats, roaches, and spiders are everywhere in the cold dark insane asylum. Some of the rooms are CSI, Maze, creepy clowns, Jason, Freddy, and the human meat locker. Expect to find bloody instruments of terror. Tickets are $20. They also have a paranormal tour. Terror Mansion opens the last Friday and Saturday in September until midnight. The doors open at 7 pm.

Terror Trail Haunted House - Cavutillo, TX
This haunt features 2 acres of haunted trails and a 19 room haunted house at the paintball facility of WinkeyDoodles Paintball Adventure. There are two attractions. Haunted Trail Haunted House has a ticket price of $15. The Haunted House doesn’t use paintball. The Zombie Paintball Adventure costs $18. It seems zombies have taken over the sanitarium. Facility is open from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Terror is open Friday and Saturday nights starting in October.

The 13th Floor Haunted House - San Antonio, TX
Two haunted houses at one location and for one low price. The 13th Floor says they are the longest and largest haunted attraction in San Antonio. Warning the event may be too intense. Ever wonder why the 13th floor is missing in so many buildings. The two haunts are Groudup and Dwellings of the Dead. Tickets are $24.99. Doors open at 7 pm. This is a Funtober Favorite 100 and a top 100 most popular haunted attraction in the country.

The Kingwood Asylum - Kingwood, TX
The grounds at Kingswood Asylum are tainted, ruined, and diseased. Dr. Blackman and his staff closed the asylum in the 60’s. They open weekends

Thrillvania Haunted House Park - Terrell, TX
Thrillvania Thrill Park is 4 amazing haunt attractions. Thrillvania is open rain or shine. Doors open at 8 pm. The five haunts are “The World Famous Verdun Manor” about a psychopathic werewolf. “Cassandra’s Labyrinth of Terror” deals with clown horror. “Sam Hain’s Trail of Torment” has lots of psychic madness. Finally the Thorn Hall is a chilling experience of sensory overload.

Van Buren Frightmare – Mayhen - Amarillo, TX
The Clown gang battles Zombies at this haunted attraction. It is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights from October 1st. It is open 7:30 pm to midnight. What is going on at the old downtown YMCA building? Is there really a battle at the newly discovered underground lair? Stop by and find out for yourself.

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