Electron Wheel Black Friday 2021 Bike Deals

The Electron Wheel is going to be popular this Black Friday 2020 and Cyber Monday. Find the best deals to convert your bicycle to an electric bike from Thanksgiving Day into the holiday shopping season here at Funtober.

The Electron wheel is 30 second snap on way to power your bike. Add the electric motor is as easy as changing the front wheel. At about half the price of most electric bike offerings, these are going to sell fast during the 2018 holiday season.

The Electron Wheel is the simplest way to power your bike with electric. The system was designed to install with ease and integrate as seamlessly as possible into your biking. It is one of the only system that allows the bike to maintain is normal gearing. The installation consists of swapping out the front wheel, attaching the Velcro strap for the pedal sensor and a quick brake check and you are ready to pedal.

The CEO of Electron Wheel described it as integrated smart home technology to bicycling. It is controlled electronically through a free android or iOS app. The Gen 2, which will be available soon, will offer Google Assistant integration. There are three electric assist levels to choose from, low, medium and high. The app also allows you to check the battery level. There is a pedal sensor monitors you pedaling cadence and makes some adjustments. The system has sensors that figure our if you are riding on flat group, that steep hill (every bike route has) or downhill. The active hill assist will automatically sense the incline and add power.

Here is the specifications;

The 400 watt DC planetary geared motor hub is capable of a maximum pedal assist speed is 20 mph (16 in the EU). The lithium-ion battery pack will provide up to 50 mile range. As with any electric motor and battery you actual distance may vary, but so far the test reviews have been very positive about the battery life. The Electron Wheel is available in two common bicycle tire sizes 26” and 700c. The Electron Wheel comes with a 15 day at home test ride warranty. If you don’t like it send it back at the companies expense for a refund. It also has a one year limited warranty.

The Gen 1 Electron Wheel is currently priced at $599. The 26” wheel is currently sold out, but they are having a hard time keeping them in stock, so hope on them early Black Friday.

Here what we are tracking:

Electron Wheel is already offering a buy now and pay later plan. If you use PayPal credit then there is no payments and no interest for six months. We expect this deal to continue got Black Friday, Cyber Monday 2019 and the remainder of the holiday season. The Electron Wheel is the easiest and one of the most affordable options for an electric powered bike, so we expect some aggressive pricing and deals to kick off the 2019 holiday shopping season. We will continue to track the updates on the best print, paper and electronic deals available. We watch the Black Friday and Cyber Monday prices so you do not have to do so.

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