Teen Bee Costumes

As we searched for the best teen bee costumes for sale, we came to realize that there were essentially two types of bee costumes for teenage girls. The first costume type emphasizes the sweet side of a bee – the creature that flits from flower to flower pollinating plants and spreading beauty throughout the world. A honey bee with a warm personality and a cute outfit. The second type of bee costume focuses more on the harsher side of a bee. The creature that stings its victims even though it may not be necessary. And the potential that the sting is from a feared killer bee.

These two different sides to the bee, as shown by the two different types of bee costumes, is also appropriate for teenagers. Teens can sometimes be sweet, cute and caring. At other times teens can be sarcastic, critical, and mean spirited. Use this opportunity to show the world your true self through the selection of the appropriate teen bee costume.

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We were going to extensively detail these three teen costumes for you. They are all cute honey bee costumes with slightly different features. But as we examined the product detail pages, we noticed that the three teen bee costumes each offer different sizes for the growing teenage girl. So instead, we’re just going to point you to the right size bee costume. So click on the range that includes your size to see the costume that is appropriate for you:

Juniors up to size 9
Teen 10-14
Teen 16-18


If you want a great looking halloween costume that packs quite a sting, then here are two bee costume options for you. With both teen costumes available for a similar price (between $30 and $40), click on the image with your favorite costume and go ahead and buy it.



We know that it can be hard to find the right costume for a young adult. The teenage years can be tough enough without the added pressure of trying to fit in at school or a party. If you decide that you don’t want to be a bee, there are plenty of other great teen halloween costumes.

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