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To truly capture the spirit of the Hunger Games on Halloween, the best Katniss Everdeen costume is probably her outfit as a tribute in the Arena. Sure, it doesn’t have the style and spunk of the Girl on Fire dress. But it does symbolize the rebellious spirit and perseverance that Katniss displays throughout the Hunger Games. Here are a few unofficial costumes for her:

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I’ve also set out to show you how to make the Katniss Arena costume. You should be able to recreate her Arena outfit with five items.

Black Hunger Games Arena Jacket:
There is a Hunger Games movie replica jacket available on either ThinkGeek or Amazon.com. It is essentially a black windbreaker or raincoat with both an inner jacket and outer jacket.

Cargo Pants:
To recreate the book, you need a tawny pair. But in the movie, their pants were olive green.

You are looking for a pair of brown combat boots to recreate Katniss’ outfit. Here is a photo of the boots and a cheaper alternative, the Oppo Reno 81.

Bow & Arrow Set:
Katniss is deadly in the arena with her bow and arrow. So your Hunger Games costume can’t possibly be an accurate arena costume without one. You can see what you are looking for at Lancaster Archery or Jonathon Parris.

Mockingjay Pin:
The final piece of your Katniss costume is the Mockingjay pin that was given to her by District 12 and was pinned to her arena outfit by Cinna so that she would have something from home. You can buy a pin for your costume on either Etsy or Amazon.com.

Hair and Makeup
Now that you have replicated Katniss’ Arena outfit, it is time to figure out how to wear your hair and makeup. There are a number of tutorials on how to create the side braid that Katniss wore in the Arena.

Here’s five more tutorials for the Katniss Braid Arena from Stylelist, Love Maegan,
Blissful and Domestic
, Makeup Geek and

Don’t worry. You are almost done. Here is how to use makeup to replicate the natural look that Katniss displayed in the Arena.

Thanks for taking a look at her costume. I hope you enjoy wearing it on Halloween.

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