Pearmine Farms - Gervais, OR

Help this pumpkin patch and three acre cornfield maze that donates all their proceeds to ending hunger. Their address is 12223 River Rd., Gervais, OR 97026. It is 12 miles north of Salem.

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Absolutely. Just because there arent walls around our fields doesnt mean you can walk in and help yourself. Please be considerate and dont trespass or steal. Thank you!

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Absolutely. Just because there aren't walls around our fields doesn't mean you can walk in and help yourself. Please be considerate and don't trespass or steal. Thank you!
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Last summer I watched an exchange on FB where two childhood classmates were talking about a field at the urban/rural boundary where people take pictures in sunflowers. The pictures were beautiful (this is not one-thank you open access pics) and the friend wanted to take family photos there but wasn’t sure if it was ok since they didn’t know the owner of the field. The other was encouraging them to do so, what’s the harm? I had to speak up. Friends, the harm is biosecurity, trespassing, safety, and loss of crop to the farmer. People easily can transport seeds of noxious weeds and pathogens on their shoes, carried from previous places of visit. The crop can also easily be damaged by people getting too close and sliding in between rows to get the perfect close up. The internet is filled with quite a few reports of this- one example: Please, if you want to get the perfect shot, identify and ask the farmer, or go to a farm that specialized in agrotourism and has an area set up for such activities. While we’re on the topic, I’m going to add on a few other things that are not okay: 1- Going into an orchard and picking fruit 2- Grabbing a bouquet of flowers from the edge of a tulip (or any other flower) field 3- Picking a few ears of corn from a corn field (Chances are it’s not Sweet Corn anyway) 4- Entering that “cool abandoned barn” to take artsy pictures (especially if you have to jump Hotwire to do so) 5- Cutting cornstalks from a field for the perfect Fall decoration 6- Running dogs for exercise in rural fields, especially if livestock is present. Just because it’s out in the open, doesn’t mean it’s free for the taking. No one appreciates their Amazon boxes being stolen off their porch, these practices are essentially the same thing. I once came across a whole family- mom, dad, and 3 kids with buckets in my orchard picking plums. Not ok. Besides the theft of fruit, they could have put my contract with my packing house at risk. Many of us have certifications we have to meet to get to market. So as summer rolls on and all the pretty crops come into harvest, enjoy the view, but ask for permission before entering.

Just passed some girls doing this weekend at the field by Coleman's place past molalla... It was a little scary to think about with all the livestock around.

3 weeks ago

I saw someone in your cherry orchard yesterday! He had 2 plastic bags, when he saw me watching him he took off.

3 weeks ago

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Pearmine Farms, Inc. shared a Share the road safely with farm equipment.

Oregon Farm Bureau
Slow your roll and enjoy the view!
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Tractors will sometimes be out on public roads during summer harvest. Patience, caution, and courtesy are the keys to sharing the roads safely with farm equipment.

Operators also need to remember to pull off on shoulders to let the massive traffic behind them go by.

1 month ago

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