Girls Costumes for Halloween

Well sell all the popular Girls Costumes for Halloween here at Funtober.  Lots of great costumes for girls of all ages and sizes.  These will be a hit at parties and trick or treating night.  Our costumes are perfect for Halloween but we sell costumes year around for popular holiday parties and family event.  Dress up for family gatherings and take lots of pictures.  The memories will be priceless.  Here are the girls costumes:

101 Dalmations Costumes
Aladdin Costumes
Alice in Wonderland Costumes
Animal Costumes
Ariel/Little Mermaid
Atomic Betty Costumes
Aurora Costumes
Barbie Costumes
Beauty and the Beast
Bee Costumes
Brave Costumes
Butterfly Costumes
Cars Costumes
Cat Costumes
Cinderella Costumes
Cheetah Girls Costumes
Cowgirl Costumes
Disney Costumes
Dora the Explorer Costumes
Fairy Costumes
Hannah Montana Costumes
Hello Kitty Costumes
High School Musical Costumes
Indian Costumes
Ladybug Costumes
Littlest Pet Shop Costumes
Little Red Riding Hood
Mad Hatter Costumes
Mermaid Costumes
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Minnie Mouse Costumes
Monster Costumes
Monster High Costumes
Monsters Inc/University
My Little Pony Costumes
Pirate Costumes
Princess and the Frog Costumes
Princess Costumes
Princess Leia Costumes
Pumpkin Costumes
Queen Costumes
Queen of Hearts Costumes
Rainbow Brite Costumes
Sailor Costumes
Scooby Doo Costumes
Sesame Street Costumes
Shake It Up Costumes
Shrek Costumes
Smurfs Costumes
Snow White Costumes
Sock Monkey Costumes
Star Trek Costumes
Star Wars Costumes
Strawberry Shortcake Costumes
Tangled Costumes
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Vampire Costumes
Witch Costumes
Wizard of Oz Costumes
Wonder Woman Costumes
Yo Gabba Gabba Costumes

Here’s why you should order costumes from Funtober:

Low Discount Prices
Great Costume Selection
Officially Licensed Products
Fast Shipping usually within one business day (Monday through Friday).
Low shipping fees: $6.00 for U.S. Postal Service’s Priority Mail, which usually arrives in 2-3 business days.
Our Easy Service Guarantee: No Hassle Returns and Exchanges!
Payment by PayPal or Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express).
Store Open All Year:  Create memories with family and friends at all the major holiday and party events.  We’ve hand picked approximately 1500 Halloween Costumes and another 300 costume accessories from the most popular costume ideas.  Click through our costume categories and costume ideas on the sidebar for complete product descriptions.  Once you add a product to the Cart completing the checkout is easy.


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About Funtober Costumes

We opened our costume shop to the public for United States shipped orders in September 2012 with a selection of 750 costumes. We sold more than 100 Halloween costumes in our first two months. We were able to deliver their costume orders within 2-4 business days for a low $6.00 flat rate shipping. We are excited to help more customers buy costumes for Halloween 2013.

We have greatly expanded our selection of Halloween costumes this year. We now have more than 1500 costumes across more than 100 different costume ideas. The costumes we stock have been produced by major costume manufacturers - often the same as you would find at your local costume shop. Your costumes are stored and shipped from a reputable warehouse on the East Coast. We primarily ship via Priority Mail at the US Postal Service. We can supply your whole family with their costumes.

We strive hard to do the right thing and ensure that you are completely satisfied when things go awry. Put us to the test.

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