Facebook Portal Black Friday Deals 2023 – Including the Portal TV!

Find the best deals on the Facebook Portal during Black Friday 2023. Funtober collects all of the online sales and print ads to help you get the biggest price discounts from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday 2023, so we can help you whether you are looking for the Portal Mini or the Portal TV too!.

The Facebook Portal was designed to make video chat more accessible and convenient by providing hands free video chat and mobility. This is Facebook’s first dive into physical devices and it has a lot to offer. Whether you’re looking to read your grandchildren a bedtime story or talk to your significant other a 1,000 miles away, the Facebook Portal makes it easy.

2022 Deals:

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Past Deals:

2019 Black Friday Deals:

Facebook Portal 10″ – $129.99 @ Best Buy (save $50)
Facebook Portal TV – $99.99 @ Best Buy (save $50)
Facebook Portal Mini – $79.99 @ Best Buy (save $50)

Facebook Portal TV Black Friday deals:

Portal TV is a video chat set-top box for your television. It brings video calling, AR gaming and content co-watching to your biggest television device.Best Buy will have the device at $50 off the regular price according to its Black Friday ad. It will go on sale online all day on Thanksgiving Day and the in-store sale will start Thanksgiving evening when the store opens up – in most states, that will be 5 PM local time.

Here’s what we know so far:

The voice activated Portal device will features a 12 megapixel front facing artificial intelligent (“AI”) camera.The AI will automatically frame, zoom and pan as you move about the room. If you seated in front of the device it will pan in to frame your head and shoulder and pan out if you walk away.The AI allows you to focus on the call and whatever moment your trying to share instead of the camera because it takes care of all focus zoom and camera issues.

The Portal is integrated through Facebooks Messenger app, so you can video chat with anyone who has Messenger.Simply say “Hey Portal” and then “Call” one of your friends that has Messenger. The Portal can be operated via the front touchscreen too. The Portal has a mute button and a camera cover for when it is not in use.The Portal also has some filters and effects that you can add to enhance the call, which are similar to Snapchat filters.Think Groucho Marx mustache or a dancing chicken and you are on the right track. The Portal allows you to share music via Pandora, Spotify and iHeartRadio.Shared songs are synchronized to play on both devices.One of the most compelling features is called “Story Time”.The Story Time features turns the device into an almost a presentation, the reader views the text and the listener views pictures and animated drawings. The Portal currently comes with five built in book, but there will defiantly be more. This is one of the most compelling features of the Portal because of the potential for interaction and expandability.

The Portal has Alexa built in, so you can listen to music and provide the basic audio controlled Alexa functionality.The Portal was not designed to be a home hub or video platform. When not in use the portal can display an array of your Facebook photos and some of you news feed.

There are two versions the Portal and the Portal Plus.The Portal features a 10.1 inch 720p screen and the Portal Plus 15.6 inch 1080p. The Portal is set up on a small triangular base with the screen mounted above a small speaker panel. The larger Portal Plus is much more unique with a white chair mounting platform for screen. The screen on the Portal Plus can also be rotated to capture better room angles to better share the experience.

The Portal is currently priced at $199 and the Portal Plus is $349.The Portal is priced squarelybelow the competition such as the Lenovo Smart Display at $250 and the Amazon Echo Show 2 at $229.The Portal Plus pricing come in quite a bit higher, but is also much larger and the slick external display is much more aesthetically pleasing. The Portal and Portal Plus are available for pre-order now and will start shipping in early November.

The in home smart device market is heating up and there will be great sales, bundles, offers and deals on most of them for Black Friday 2018. We expect the Portal to be very well position to offer great deals and discounts because is Facebook’s first device and there is a lot of competition. Facebook is already offering $100, if you buy two. The bundle deal just makes sense, buy one for you and the grandkids, children or significant other.We expect there to be an additional sale or bundle deal prior to Black Friday.

Black Friday 2018 Deals:

Check back for the latest sales and deals on the Facebook Portal and Portal Plus as Black Friday 2019 gets closer.

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