Sonos Black Friday Deals, 2023 Store Ads& Cyber Monday Speakers, One & Move Deals

Find Black Friday deals on Sonos Speakers for during Black Friday 2023. We will gather the biggest discounts on the Sonos One, Sonos Beam, Sonos Playbar, Sonos Move and more from Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers and publish them here on Funtober. We will bring you info about the biggest and best deals and discounts here when the savings are announced online or in an advertisement from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday 2023. We are committed to helping you find the best shopping deals of the year from Amazon Prime Day to Thanksgiving Weekend. So get ready to save in 2023. 2022 and beyond!

2022 Deals:

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Past Deals:

Sonos Black Friday Deals (2020)

Best Buy Sonos Black Friday Deals:
Sonos Move – $299.99 (save $100)
Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer – $599.99 (save $100)


Early Deal Coming Soon @ Costco – Sonos Play 1 Two-pack: $230 (Reg. $270)

Sonos is also handing out a coupon for a 30% discount on a new Sonos product when you participate in their Sonos Trade Up Program. The current eligible devices are the Non-amplified Zone Players (models ZP80, ZP90, and Connect),Amplified Zone Players (models ZP100, ZP120, and Connect:Amp), and the first-generation Play:5 speaker.

The Sonos Beam Black Friday deals are expected to include $100 off at both Sam’s Club and Best Buy on the Sonos Beam. The Daily Beast has called the Sonos Beam the “Best Amazon Alexa-Powered Soundbar Ever”.

The Sonos Playbar Black Friday deals are expected to include more than $100 off at Best Buy and Costco (with Mount Kit). The Sonos Playbar is billed as the “Ultimate Wireless Soundbar”.

Sonos is offering up to 20% off its speakers and home theater tech for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Starting on Thanksgiving and ending on Sunday night, Sonos is offering 20% off Sonos home theater items like the Sonos Beam and Sonos Playbar. On Cyber Monday (December 2, 2019), they are offering up to $100 off Sonos One and Sonos Play:5. The Sonos One is going to go on sale starting December 3rd as part of Cyber Week and Holiday savings with a discount of $30 off the regular price.

These are some great sales on a product that has a reputation of rarely going on sale.

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Here are the items that Sonos currently has on the market:

Sonos Beam – A smart TV soundbar for your home theater setup with voice control via Amazon Alexa built-in. It is regularly priced at $399.

Sonos Move – A portable weatherproof speaker to provide great sound for the great outdoors. It is regularly priced at $399. It is larger than the Sonos One, standing 10 inches tall and weighing more than 6.5 pounds. It was released in September 2019. It has a battery and new Bluetooth 4.2 functionality to pair with your phone, laptop, tablet or other device.

One SL – A microphone-free home speaker for music and more. Regularly priced at $179. It drops the always-listening microphones and voice controls for people that do not want them.

Sonos Port – A replacement to the Sonos Connect that allows owners to add receivers and other audio equipment to the wireless network for a streaming music stereo upgrade. Controlled by the Sonos app or with Apple Airplay 2. It is regularly priced at $399 with a September 2019 limited release and a broader global rollout expected in January 2020.

Sonos Boost – A wireless extender made by Sonos designed to boost the signal and ensure reliability across a large space. It is regularly priced at $99 on the Sonos website.

Sonos Connect: This wireless receiver allows you to update your existing stereo by connecting it to this smart home system receiver to stream music from online.

Sonos One:This is the first Sonos smart speaker.It is nearly identical to the Play:1 except it has microphones and Alexa. Everything that can be done on the Amazon Echo can also be done on the Sonos One. It also works with Google Assistant.Design-wise, it is a 16 cm tall speaker perfect for a bookshelf or nightstand.

Sonos PLAY:1 – A compact wireless speaker for streaming music.It works with Amazon’s Alexa by connecting to Amazon Echo or another Alexa-enabled device..

Sonos PLAY:3 – Offering richer, deeper streaming-audio at a price-point between its entry level and premium market options.

Sonos PLAY:5 – Sonos’ premium offering and one of the best-sounding wireless speaker systems on the market.

Sonos PLAYBAR: An all-in-one wireless TV soundbar for music lovers.It adds full-theater sound for your TV, streams music, and works with your existing TV remote.

2018 Deals:

Sonos is holding a sale on its speakers that will run from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday:

Sonos Sub – $599 (save $100)
Sonos Beam (soundbar) – $349 (save $50)
Sonos One – $175 (save $25)

When Sonos speakers went on sale earlier this year, BGR called it “one of the rarest occurrences in consumer technology.”So if you are looking for a deal on these hot speakers, better take advantage of the discount offered on Black Friday.

Best Buy Deals:

Sonos Play:3 – $249.98
Sonos Play:1 – $149.99
Sonos Playbar – $599.98
Sonos Playbase – $599.99

Target Deals:

Sonos Play:1 – $149.99

Expected Discounts:

Last year, Sonos offered its entry-level gateway speaker Play:1 for $50 off the regular price: $149 for the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

Earlier this year in June, Sonos offered four discounts on speakers and bundles.They offered $150 off the standard price of the Sonos 5.1 Surround Sound Package with PLAYBASE or PLAYBAR.There was also $100 off a Sonos SUB and savings of $50 off the Sonos PLAY:1 Two Room Music System with two speakers.

After the Sonos One was released, there was a $60 discount on the Play:1.

About Sonos

Sonos is an American consumer electronics company based in Santa Barbara, California that was founded in 2002.It’s first product was a Digital Music System bundle of Smart Speakers.The company now makes a number of powered speakers including smart speakers.Multiple devices in a single household connect to each other wirelessly or through a wired ethernet network.

Black Friday 2019

There are still a few months before the biggest discounts hit stores and a few days before Black Friday ads start being leaked in significant numbers.Stop back soon to find all of the best deals on Sonos streaming wireless speakers.

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