Xbox Two Microsoft Black Friday 2018, 2019 or 2020?

Are you ready for the Black Friday Xbox Two debut in 2018, 2019 or 2020? We will be closely following all of the Microsoft news, rumors, speculation and other stuff about whether the first black friday for the epic gaming system Xbox 2 will be released before or after Black Friday 2019.

The first Black Friday after the Microsoft Xbox 2 game system release will see season low prices to generate buzz about the product and see reach buyers take advantage of big sales to stretch their budget and buy the new video game console bundle with games and become the first of their friends to splurge on the future of gaming.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

We still aren’t sure what year it will be released by Microsoft but we are positive that we will have the best deals available posted here so that you can get big discounts whether it happens on Black Friday 2018, Black Friday 2019, or Black Friday 2020. It seems so far away to be planning this early but this will likely be an epic gaming release that changes the entirety of the gaming market.

We will post it here when it is available!

Xbox Two Release Date

Industry analysts have speculated that the new game system won’t be ready until 2020. However, the pace of technological advancement is quickening and there is fierce competition between Microsoft and Sony to be the next to put a popular game system in the market. We will be watching closely to see whether the Xbox Two’s first Black Friday will be in 2018, 2019, or 2020. It is also possible that the gaming manufacturer will decide to instead prioritize another version of the Xbox One (maybe the Xbox One Z this time?) and then all bets are off about the Xbox Two release date.

Xbox Two Price

The regular price of Microsoft’s next generation gaming system is likely to be between $499 and $699. This price point would indicate its place as a premium gaming system and reflect the new technology that it incorporates. It will probably see discounts of between $100 and $150 over the course of its first Black Friday and Cyber Monday, depending on the package and bundle of games purchased, as well as whether it is in competition with the release of another big video game system.

Ad Release Dates

We already know that Microsoft, Best Buy, GameStop and several other stores will be announcing big sales on the Xbox 2 over Thanksgiving weekend when it hits the market. The release of Black Friday ads is moving earlier and earlier as it could soon be as early as September when the first ad is leaked to the market. However, it seems likely that the electronics retailers will continue to wait until November so that their competitors don’t have time to match or beat the amazing prices and gift cards they are offering to buyers.

Stop Back Soon!

We know it is at least months if not years until the Xbox Two hits Black Friday deals. But when it does, we will be bringing all of them to you here. It is a virtual certainty that the retailers will be competing to bring shoppers the best price as doorbusters to get the dollars in the door.