Magic Leap One Black Friday Deals 2023

Find the best deals and sales on the Magic Leap One for Black Friday 2023 from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday.

There has been a tremendous amount of hype surrounding the release of the Magic Leap one. These augmented reality 3-D glasses will certainly be a sup hot item from Thanksgiving, Black Friday through the rest of the holiday season (if they stay in stock). The has company plans for a nationwide release this fall. It will likely coincide with the start of the holiday shopping season. We will track all the latest deals on the Magic Leap One and its availability.

Magic Leap One Specs:

The Magic Leap One is three-piece device consisting of Lightwear (glasses), Lightpack (Wearable computer) and a Totem (hand held controller). Its USB-C rechargeable battery will provide for about 3 hours of continuous use. The component parts break out as follows:

Nvidia Tegra X2 mobile chipset,
8GB of memory
128GB of storage
Built in Speakers (there is a headphone jack)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi 802.11ac/b/g/n, USB-C

It has two size options and interchangeable nose and forehead rests. You also have the option to change the lens angle, distances of the lens from your face and even order prescription lens inserts. Initial test reports are that the headset is a very comfortable and becomes unnoticeable after a few minutes of wearing it.

Currently it comes with a bundle of apps. The bundle includes a browser called Helio, a virtual chat system, apps that place objects onto the screen virtually and a demo game. The demo is called Dr. Grordboth’s Invaders, which got millions of views on YouTube. The real exciting part is what’s coming down the pike. Magic Leap opened the platform to developers in early 2018 and signed a deal with Disney Lucas film, so you can expect there will be a lot of content coming out shortly. The Magic Leap developer portal mentions the “Magic Leap World”. It will serves and a place for developers to collaborate on apps and end users to purchase them. The “Magic Leap World” already has demos for an art app called Create, a virtual music experience and the NBA. There will definitely be more by the holiday season.

The graphics have been described as hyper-realistic by a few reviewers. There is a lot of concern about if the Creator Edition Leap is going to live up to the hype, so far it seems like it will. The current version is primarily for indoor use and outdoors under certain conditions. This version has a limited range of view, but is almost 50% bigger then the Hololenses.


The Creator Edition Leap is currently priced at $2295. The $495 add on ‘professional development package” includes a hub, which allows connectivity to a computer and 24 hour replacement service.

According to Magic Leap in six major metropolitan (Chicago, LA, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Seattle areas the company offers delivery, set up and sizing at no additional charge. While writing this article I tried Philadelphia and the service appeared to be available there too.

Magic Leap Black Friday 2019 Price Predictions

There is going to be a lot of press about the Magic Leap One this upcoming holiday season and we expect a big announcement around Black Friday. The specifics of the development of this project has been kept under wraps for a long time, with 2.3 billion of invested capital, it would make a lot of sense to come out with a splash. Magic Leap has also inked a deal with AT&T to demo the headset in stores later this year (what great way to kick off the holidays!) We will be adding Magic Leap One prices and deals here once they are released. Please check back soon for the latest updates to this page.

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