iPhone 12 Black Friday Deals 2023 & Cyber Monday Deals

Find the best deals on the iPhone 12 and other models at Best Buy and other stores during Black Friday 2023. Funtober will collect all of the online sales and price discounts in print ads on the iPhone 12 as well as the older iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday 2023.

2020 Black Friday Deals

2019 Black Friday Deals:

Walmart and Best Buy are once again trying hard to win your business over the Thanksgiving holiday. If you will be buying a new phone and have chosen the Apple iPhone over the Samsung Galaxy S10 or Note 10, take a look at these savings:

iPhone 11 Pro – Save up to $500 @ Best Buy
iPhone 11 – Save up to $500 @ Best Buy
iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max – Get $300 in Gift Cards + up to $250 Gift cards for trade-in @ Walmart
iPhone XS – Get $450 in Gift Cards + up to $250 Gift cards for trade-in @ Walmart
iPhone XS Max or XR – Get $400 in Gift Cards + up to $250 Gift cards for trade-in @ Walmart

The competition between the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy phones will play out in electronics retailers again this Thanksgiving, with both Apple and Samsung releasing new cell phone models this year. From Apple it was the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

There are already price discounts of up to $550 off with qualified activation and trade-in of an iPhone. Carriers are also offering other discounts, including a buy 1, get 1 free iPhone offer from AT&T as well as savings of up to $700 on the iPhone 11 from Sprint.These deals are probably as good as they are going to get on what is a new phone but a manufacturer or retailer may decide to go all-out with a super low price over the holiday given the short Christmas shopping

Here is more information about the new iPhones:

iPhone 11 Pro – This is a compact, powerful phone with the best cameras. It has a 5.8 inch display as well as triple cmaeras. The drawbacks are that it has a shorter battery life than the other iPhone 11 options, it is a bit heavier and thicker than the iPhone XS, and has just 64GB at the starting price.

iPhone 11 – It is regularly priced at $699, which makes it $50 cheaper than its predecessor. It’s cameras have a new night mode for better low-light performance as well as a new ultra-wide lens. In terms of size, it sits between the Pro and the Pro Max.

iPhone 11 Pro Max – The iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 6.5 inch display instead of the 5.8 inch display on the 11 Pro. It has the longest battery life of any iPhone and a brighter OLED display.

There are options to upgrade to additional storage of 128GB or 256GB of storage at a higher price. There is also a discounted price if you trade in your existing iPhone in good condition.

If you are looking for an iPhone 11 Pro Black Friday Deal this year, stop back here in November to see all of the sales and price discounts.

iPhone continues the release of new premium phone models just in time to get rolled into great Black Friday offers.The 2018 updated iPhone models include the XS, XS Max and most recently the XR. As usual the XS, XS Max and XR have all been met with excellent reviews. Depending on how large a device you want and much of a dent your wallet can withstand. We are tracking all the best deals, discounts, offers form Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and other carries to make sure you get the best deal on which every iPhone your looking to take home this Black Friday 2018. Here is a breakdown of the phones features/

All three new models share the same A1 Bionic processor, so they share the same computer brain. All of the new iPhones feature class leading speed. The primary differences are in the screen size. The largest is the 6.5 OLED XS Max followed by the most affordably priced 6.1 LED XR and the smallest screen is a 5.8 OLED XS. The XS Max has the largest iPhone screen offered to date, but is actually the same size as the iPhone 8, they just removed the bezel to increase the screen size.All three models have a 7MP front facing camera. Both XS models have dual 12MP rear facing telephoto cameras.The XR has a single 12MP camera, and is not telephoto. The XS and XS Max has a stainless steel cases and the XR has an aluminum body.The XR is the lowest priced of the bunch, so it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of the XS models.The XS and XS Max are available in space grey, gold and silver. The XR is available in coral, white, yellow, black andblue.

All the new phones have the notch which was added to the previous generation.Also Apple completely removed the home button. The OLED is referred to as Super Retina and it lives up to its name sake, its super bright and vivid a nice upgrade from the iPhone X.The OLED colors are more vibrant and the black is natural and wider viewing angles.The LED screen on the XR is definitely not as bright or vivid, but still looks really good.

As for battery life the XS Max features the largest battery in the lineup, but the XR had the longest run time.The OLED screen is probably the culprit, but overall the batter life on the XS Max and XR is excellent.The XS battery life is very good, but slightly less than some of the competitors. If your sole goal is battery life than the XR is the way to go.

All of phone are offered in both 64GB and 128GB.Expect to shell out a few more bucks for the 128GB models. The primary difference between the XS, XS Max and XR are the OLED screen and the dual telescoping rear cameras.So depending on you need for the brightest sharpest screen and upgraded camera it may be worth the couple of dollars to upgrade.

Here is what we are the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR deals we are tracking:

Sprint – is offering an XS 64GBof XS MAX flex lease for $20.99 a month. You can upgrade in 18 months on the plan.

Sprint – Free iPhone XR with an eligible trade in.

Verizon – Is offering a BOGO deal. Buy one XS or XS Max and get $750 in credit to purchase and XS, XS Max or an XR.

Verizon – Is offering a true BOGO on the XR with monthly payments.

AT&T – Is offering a BOGO deal. Buy one XS or XS Max with AT&T and DIRECTV and get $700 in credit to purchase an iPhone 8 or new model.

AT&T – Is offering BOGO on the XR, up to $700 credit towards the purchase of an iPhone 8 or newer.

T-Mobile – Is offering $390 off and XS model purchase.

T-Mobile – Is offering $390 off of the XR with an eligible trade in.

No matter if you need the XS with the top of the line OLED display or the largest screen on the XS Max or something in-between with XR we are tracking all the best deals, sales and offers on the new iPhone models to make sure you find the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 deals. Check back for the latest offers, deals, bundles and sales form the biggest carriers on the iPhone XS, XS Max and the XR as Black Friday gets closer.We expect the Black Fridays to get even better than the current offers.

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Where to Look for Black Friday Phone Deals:

Best Buy - As the nation's leading specialty retailer for consumer electronics, the Best Buy Black Friday ad usually has some great sales on cell phones.

Walmart - In 2020, Walmart split the Walmart Black Friday deals into three ads and the biggest cell phone ads ran as a week long deal in the second Black Friday ad.

Verizon - This mobile cell phone carrier and telecommunications company became famous for its slogan: Can you hear me now? But the Verizon Black Friday deals are probably another reason that they have gained traction among cell phone users. They will have great deals on the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy smart phones, and many others (such as LG, Moto, OnePlus and the Google Pixel).

T-Mobile - This top telecommunications company operating as a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom is one of the major wireless operators in the United States. They acquired Sprint in 2020 after a two year long period following the deal announcement. The Sprint stores are becoming T-Mobile stores, and Sprint customers can go to a T-Mobile store for service as well. The T-Mobile Black Friday sale has historically offered great discounts on iOS and Android phones, including the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones. Other sales in 2020 included LG phones, the OnePlus 8T and the 5G Google Pixel 4a.

AT&T - One of the nation's top cell phone carriers with substantial coverage around the country. In 2020 they had big deals on the Apple iPhone and offered a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G for free with eligible trade-in. There were also AT&T Black Friday deals on tablets, smart watches, bluetooth speakers, headphones and other accessories.

Amazon - The nation's top retailer usually has some of the best discounts on older cell phones over the Thanksgiving weekend. It's always worth checking out the Amazon Black Friday deals before you make a purchase over Thanksgiving Weekend.

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