Surge Protector, Smart Power Strip Deals for Black Friday 2023

Buy a surge protector on sale during Black Friday 2023. Find the best deals on power strips to protect your new electronics from all of the great discounts over Thanksgiving weekend. Funtober will collect all of the online and print ads (whether posted or leaked) and post the best surge protector deals for you here.

There are still a few months before the ad releases begin ramping up for the beginning of the Christmas shopping season But we will begin posting the items available at a big discount here as soon as we learn they will be on sale for either Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2023. There should be plenty of big savings on power strips at the large electronics stores and websites like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and more. And we will do our very best to make sure there are options with long cards, USB ports, some perfect for computers and with the right number of outlets that you need.

If you’re looking to save some energy, grab a smart power strip! These new power strips have an outlet or two that always draws power (we have our cable box and wifi router plugged into them) and the rest of the outlets only pull power when you turn the device on, preventing “vampire energy,” or the continual pull of power by devices that are turned off but not unplugged. There are a few different ways the strip shuts down power – some have a remote, others use motion sensors or other technology. The smart power strip is fantastic behind your entertainment system or other places where you may not be able to unplug devices easily. Smart power strips could help you reduce your household energy consumption by about 5 to 10 percent.

There are more different surge protectors than ever before. Whether you need a standard six foot, seven outlet power strip for your computer or television entertainment system, or a wall mount surge protector with swivel outlets, or battery backup, you will be able to find it in stores or online over Thanksgiving weekend.

You simply cannot ever have to many surge protectors! We will be searching for the best deals on a few of the different options below:

Belkin: An American manufacturer of consumer electronics equipment including power banks, chireless chargers and surge protectors.

APC: Formerly American Power Conversion Corporation, and now APC by Schneider Electric, manufactures uninterruptible power supplies, electronics peripherals and data center products.

Tripp Lite: They offer over 4000 products for the home, including UPS battery backups and power surge protectors.

Furman: Power conditioners and power strip racks.

Accell: The Powramid is a multi-outlet power center and USB charging station.

AmazonBasics: Offers everyday items for electronics and home necessities made by America’s largest retailer.

SurgeX: A manufacturer of professional grade surge elimination and power conditioning equipment offering Advanced Series Mode technology to eliminate surge energy up to 6,000 Volts.

Zero Surge: Founded in 1989, the company technology provides power line surge suppression over the entire voltage range of 85-175V (standard) and 85-265 (enhanced) with exceptional performance and worst-case surge endurance.

There’s still a few months before our Black Friday deal tracking starts ramping up.  Stop back soon to see more from us then.  And don’t forget to return a few days later over Thanksgiving weekend when we’ll continue it with postings of the Cyber Monday 2019 deals.

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