Razer 2 Phone Black Friday 2020 & Cyber Monday Deals

Find the best deals on the Razer 2 phone during Black Friday 2020. Funtober collects all of the online sales and price discounts in print ads between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday 2020.

The Razer phone arguably created a device for a small niche of phone serious gamers. The Phone was successful enough to spark a the development of a competitor in the Nubia Red Magic, Asus ROG and a follow up model from Razor.Whether you are a half serious mobile gamer or mobile gaming champion straight down from Olympus we are will make sure you get the best price on a Razer mobile gaming phone for Black Friday 2018.

Since the Razer 2 has been certified by Google Play Console and as part of that process has to released more details than they normally would before launch. Typically developers can ask Google to keep a lid on the details and for some strange reason Razer has not.What is even more odd is that the specs that have been released are a bit underwhelming.They detail that the Razor 2 will have a Snapdragon 835, Adreno 540 GPU and 8 GB of RAM.Most of the gaming buzz expected both the processor and the GPU to be upgraded to the Snapdragon 845 and Adreno 630. The screen resolution is the same as the previous model, coming in at 2560 x 1440.Razor is calling this phone an “iterative” upgrade, which us odd because the leaked specs are nearly identical to the previous phone. Supposedly they are adding a ton of storage to this version, but that alone isn’t a compelling enough reason to upgrade.

While I have no basis but logic, I think they are going to drop a bomb at release.All of the premium handset have upgraded to the Snapdragon 845, so it would be a real disappointment if Razor sticks with the 835. At its core, this is a gaming phone, if it doesn’t have the latest process and GPU, that’s going to be a real issue. Especially with the introduction of other gaming centric phones such as the Asus ROG, which will be announcing US availability in late October.The Asus ROG features a massive 4000 mAh battery, a fan mount and a lot of premium upgrades.IF Razor doesn’t pull a rabbit out at announcement, they are really going to have compete heavily on price.

We are gathering the latest information on specs and pricing to make sure you get the best sale, deal and price on the Razor 2 phone this Black Friday 2019.Competition in the gaming phone niche is heating up and there are some excellent Razer alternative, so we expect price and deals to be very aggressive.Check back for more information on the release and pricing of the Razer 2 as Black Friday 2019 gets closer.

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