Bose Sleepbuds, HearPhones Deals for Black Friday 2023

Find the best deals on Bose Sleepbuds and HearPhones this Black Friday 2023 through Funtober.

We don’t expect quite the same sales as then, however Bose has been an innovator in audio technology for decades and they will certainly have some great offerings for the holiday season kick off the Christmas shopping season during Thanksgiving weekends. They created an entirely new category of wireless wellness devices over the last few years. The suite of products include the sleep aids in the “noise-masking” Bose Sleepbuds and Bose HearPhones designed to enhance conversation.

There are a lot of Bose products to choose from for Black Friday 2023 and we will be on the lookout for best deals and discounts. The Bose Sleepbud and Hearphones will certainly be on sale and we will keep you updated on the from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday 2023.

Here is what we are tracking:

Bose Sleepbuds

Bose Sleepbuds are wireless, rechargeable noise noise-masking headphones designed to dramatically decrease ambient noises. Bose specifically designed sounds to reduce unwanted noise, traffic, that insidious drop of water, neighbors, your partners snoring, and the list goes on. There are 10 pre-loaded sounds some designed for relaxing and a few of which were engineered to mask out other noise.

The Sleepbuds rechargeable batteries will last up to 16 hours per full charge (I wish I could get that much sleep) and charge in as little as three hours in the charging case.

Comfort is always an issue for anything that you wear while sleeping. The soft rubber sleep tips come in three sizes. The Sleepbuds are extremely light (.081 oz. each), so they should be barely noticeable while your sleeping. So far the reviews say that they are very comfortable, even for us side sleepers.

Bose always spends a lot of time researching their products, but they went above and beyond with the Sleepbuds. Last year Bose sold steeply discounted prototypes on Indiegogo to several thousand people to get feedback. Now that the feedback has been incorporated, we will probably see big things this coming Black Friday 2018.

Bose HearPhones

Bose Hearphones, while not as glamorous as other Black Friday deals will definitely have an impact on its recipients. This life changing gadget will make hearing conversation in crowded rooms much easier. The active noise reduction technology filters out background noise and makes hearing the conversation you want easier. Each ear piece is equipped with two direction microphones to help isolate specific conversations. The Hearphones can be controlled through an app or a wireless remote.

Currently price at $499. I understand that sounds expensive, but the fraction of the price of a hearing aid. We expect there to be a significant discount on that price as Black Friday 2018 approaches.

Bose is pioneering wireless sleep technology and audio wellness products and we think they will try to take a strong hold over those markets by offering great deals beginning on Black Friday and throughout the 2019 holiday season. We will keep an eye on the best sales and deals this Black Friday so you don’t have to.

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