This is where you get to tell us whatever you want. Praise, questions, criticism – all welcome. Due to the volume of inquiries during the fall, we may not have time to respond. We must prioritize. To help us, please read below if you are interested in attending or vending at an event or in having your event listed – we may answer your question there!


VENDORS – We are not the organizers of any event, and do not have information on being a vendor at any of them. Please contact the event organizer directly through their website to apply as a vendor or request more information.

ATTENDING an event? We’re glad we could help you find one in our event directory! If you have any questions on tickets, hours, availability, directions, activities etc, please contact the organizers/owners directly through their website! Click “Visit Website” on the individual event/farm/haunted house page. We work hard to make sure the updated website is available for every event or farm each year!

ALL EVENT ORGANIZERS wishing to have their event or farm added or updated must utilize the proper option on our Advertise page – we are simply too overwhelmed with events coming through the Contact form to be able to add any more. Events submitted to this contact form will not be added for the 2022 season. CLICK HERE TO HAVE YOUR EVENT ADDED TO FUNTOBER.

We are an event directory, and are not the organizers of any event included on our pages. Our inboxes are getting full of people wanting to vend, attend, or add their events, (plus a scary amount of spam from “businesses” selling SEO and beyond) and responding keeps us busy, when we should be spending time updating events so you know when and where they are, and finding the hottest costumes of the year! If you send us a legit question or concern, however, expect to get an email back soon!

We really do want to hear from you, but we’re just trying to cut down on some of the email responses we send out each year, and get some questions answered even sooner!

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