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Vampire costumes for classy blood sucking citizens of Dark Shadows.  I’m so glad that you could stop by to check out our vampire costumes!  We simply haven’t been able to attract enough visitors to quench our thirst for fresh blood yet this Halloween! Wait – don’t leave yet. We promise not to give you a special little kiss on the neck until after you have worn your vampire halloween costume this year.  So now you can safely stay. And check out our Halloween costumes.

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We started out here with the simple task of defining what is a vampire. But after several visits to different dictionaries, encyclopedias, and websites, we were right back where we started. We have a number of conceptions about vampires – they rise at night, they thrive on blood, they can transform into bats. But it turns out that even these basic truths about vampires are up for debate. Since we don’t know any vampires that we can ask at the moment, we had to turn to the internet in order to settle some of our internal debates. And the amount of information about vampires online was simply overwhelming!