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Vampire costumes for classy blood sucking citizens of Dark Shadows.  I’m so glad that you could stop by to check out our vampire costumes!  We simply haven’t been able to attract enough visitors to quench our thirst for fresh blood yet this Halloween! Wait – don’t leave yet. We promise not to give you a special little kiss on the neck until after you have worn your vampire halloween costume this year.  So now you can safely stay. And check out our Halloween costumes.

Vampire costumes for classy blood sucking citizens of Dark Shadows.  I’m so glad that you could stop by to check out our vampire costumes!  We simply haven’t been able to attract enough visitors to quench our thirst for fresh blood yet this Halloween! Wait – don’t leave yet. We promise not to give you a special little kiss on the neck until after you have worn your vampire halloween costume this year.  So now you can safely stay. And check out our Halloween costumes.

Adult Vampire Costumes

Funtober offers you access to some of the best adult, teen and children’s vampire costumes that are sold this side of Transylvania.  Man or woman, boy or girl, vampire or vampiress, we’ll help you find the right vampire costume to wear out trick-or-treating or to your Halloween party.  We won’t stop our quest to find you the best costume until you have purchased your costume … or the sun rises and we’re forced to retire to our coffin.  See, we’re already giddy with the opportunities for fun that wearing a sexy vampire costume offers.  And if you are looking for a kid’s costume, there’s no reason to run off.  We have plenty of those too.

We expect that some of you will already know that you want to wear a vampire costume and are eager to find your costumes.  Just use the links below to navigate to the type of costume that you are hoping to find.  We’ve got plenty of pictures of vampire costumes to make your choice a little bit easier.

If you haven’t yet decided to buy a vampire costume, what are you waiting for?  This is the year of the vampire.  The Twilight saga is at the height of its popularity.  Vampires have taken over movie theaters around the country and are producing a few hit television shows as well.  Will there ever be a better time to wear a vampire costume?  We think not.  Plus, costume designers and manufacturers have produced more variations than ever in order to meet the expected demand – so you’ll definitely be able to find a costume this year that you love.

Why else should you consider wearing one of these vampire costumes?  Because it is a classic halloween costume that combines the traditional scary side of Halloween with the new, fun, hip sexy spin that Halloween has taken.  Men and women of all ages can enjoy the fun that this adult costume offers.  While kids can safely emulate the characters that they see on the movie screen and their television sets one day out of the year.  Besides, everyone knows that vampires are given the most candy when out participating in the trick or treat tradition.  We plan to conduct a few studies to confirm our anecdotal experience this Halloween, of course.

Well, you’ve reached the end of our introduction here.  It is time to wade amongst the ranks of Count Dracula, Edward Cullen, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer to check out our vampire costumes.  Or are vampiress and vampira costumes if you prefer us to use those terms for our female vampire costumes.

Sexy Vampire Costumes

If you are a woman looking for an adult vampire costume for Halloween, then you are on the right page!  We have found a tremendous selection of scary and sexy vampire costumes for you to choose from.  Whether you are looking for a slutty costume, a classic adult costume, or something in between, you can find it among the vampira or vampiress costumes above. If you are looking for a hot and sexy costume this fall, then look no further then these halloween costumes.  If you are looking to get a steamy kiss from a vampire while at your party, then one of them should do the trick.

Men’s Vampire Costumes

So you want to suck some blood, huh?  Well you have come to the right place.  Whether your goal is to dress like Count Dracula or Edward Cullen from Twilight, we can help you find your vampire costume.

There are a wide range of vampire halloween costumes for men at a variety of price points.  If you are looking for a cheap vampire costume, you can probably find a men’s costume for as little as $25-30.  These outfits usually consist of a cape and some sort of shirt to wear under it.  The difference between these costumes and those in the $40-50 range is usually the quality of the shirt and the cape.  If you are looking to sink your teeth into a female this Halloween, we don’t recommend skimping on the quality of your vampire outfit.  If you want to really make an impression, love halloween, or are going all out with a female friend this Halloween, then there are some deluxe male vampire costumes which can be purchased for between $100 and $200 which come with their very own coffin and allow you to transform yourself into a bat.  Ok, we lied about the coffin and bat part right there, but they are pretty nice. If you want to turn yourself into a truly sexy vampire that is going to have a passionate kiss with a stranger for Halloween, then there’s no reason to mess around.  Pony up the money to turn yourself into Count Dracula himself with our Dracula costume.

Teen Vampire Costumes

The vampire costume suffered through a few lean years as Dracula and Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s popularity waned, then exploded thanks to the popularity of Twilight, True Blood, and the Vampire Diaries, but has declined slightly in popularity after the rise of zombie mania. Still makes for a solid teen costume option, though!

If you are a teenage boy looking for a costume that will be a hit with the young ladies this year, then this is the Halloween costume for you.  Women have been drooling over the boys of Twilight all year and are ready to try the blood of the first vampire that they meet.  So ditch your jeans and t-shirt to dress up this year in the costume that will appeal to the girls.

Young Ladies.  If you want to attract the attention of a vampire, what better way than to dress up in a female vampire costume.  And if you want to really impress the guys, go old school in a Buffy the Vampire Slayer costume to really have some fun.  Just don’t forget a few stakes to drive through the hear of any rogue vampires.

Kids Vampire Costumes

Does your child want to wear a vampire costume for Halloween?  Well we can help you find the right children’s vampire costume for your kid to wear to the school halloween party or around the neighborhood as you trick-or-treat.  We’ll have your son or daughter looking like they just stepped right out of Transylvania soon since there are some handsome and cute children’s costumes for sale right now for both boys and girls.  So let’s not waste any time.

Boy’s Vampire Costumes

If your boy wants to be a vampire, then you are in luck.  There are many choices to turn him into a handsome and dashing vampire at the end of October.  However, you should also know that the costumes that look the best also tend to be a little more expensive then you would typically expect to pay for a child’s costume.  We looked high and low to find one that we liked for less money and just couldn’t find anything worthy for less.  We hope that after you take a look at these costumes you decide they are worth the extra money.

Girl’s Vampire Costumes

We know that it can be difficult to find a costume that both you and your son/daughter both like.  Because of the popularity of movies and television shows about vampires right now, like Twilight, there are an enormous selection of halloween costumes for children looking to be a vampire.

How to Make a Vampire Costume
There are many reasons to make your own halloween costume. Perhaps you want to create a unique costume that no one else can possibly be wearing. There’s nothing more embarrasing then walking into a halloween party and discovering that someone else is wearing your exact costume, right? Perhaps you love Halloween and get extra enjoyment from putting together a homemade costume from scratch. Maybe you are destined to be a clothing designer and you are practicing your art on your costume. Or it is possible that you simply don’t want to spend an enormous amount of money on a store bought costume.

Whatever your specific reason, we understand the desire to build your own vampire costume. It can be a fun and rewarding endeavour to undertake in October. The feeling of pride when someone compliments your costume is unbelievable when you have made the halloween costume yourself.

For those of you that ultimately decide not to make your own vampire costume, we totally understand that impulse as well. We certainly don’t have the skills necessary to make our costume. Nor do we have the time to do so. As is the case for many people, buying a costume works well. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop reading right now. You can still spruce up your store bought costume with some of the tips and tricks that you will find within this page and the following links.

So now that we have established that everyone can benefit from the following information – here are a few links to help you with the process of building your own vampire costume.

Check out‘s guide to get started.

Another great source of instruction on how to make a vampire or twilight costume is Youtube. Amongst the millions of uploaded videos are several that offer insight into making a vampire costume.

We realize that many of you may be making a twilight costume rather than dressing as a random vampire. Here are a few links to help you emulate the look of Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and other Twilight movie characters for Halloween.

Learn more about what Edward and Bella wear on Twilight Freak‘s guide.
This Squidoo lens offers insight and links to various places to buy pieces of your costume.

Vampire Movies
Are you looking to get some ideas for your vampire costume? Looking for some classic lines to use while dressed as a vampire? Just want to get in the halloween mood with a few scary flicks?

Fortunately, there are some great vampire movies and they’ll definitely put you in the Halloween mood. There are some absolutely atrocious ones too, so we hope you’ll pick from the movies that you see on these lists and make your fright night a success. Who knows – you may decide that it is good enough to emulate one of the famous vampires from the movie that you end up watching.

Eventually, we will get around to watching all of these films for ourselves. And they we will compile these lists into our definitive guide to the best vampire movies. But until we have a companion that wants a good movie marathon in October, we’ll just have to leave you with the opinions of some other online authors.

So without further ado, here are some lists of the vampire movies you should (and shouldn’t) be watching:

– Extra’s 10 Best Vampire Movies – The Lost Boys (1987) tops the list.
– MTV’s Top 10 Best Vampire Movies of Our Generation. Thirst (2009) garners the top spot.
Better than “Twilight”: 10 must-see vampire films by Salon. Gives the number 1 spot on this list to Thirst (2009).
The Best and Worst Vampire Movies of the Past 30 Years on Metacritic. Awards Dracula: Pages form a Virgin’s Diary (2003) the best movie title.
Top 70 Vampire Movies of all time by Snakerati. The movie with the best average IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes user rating was Nosferatu (1922).
Six Vampire Movies with Bite by The Today Show. Labels The Hunger (1983) the quintessential erotic vampire movie.
The 15 Best Vampire Movies of All Time by Movie Crunch. Their favorite movie was From Dusk Til Dawn (1986).
Vampire Movies That Don’t Suck by (compiled in 2007). They call Shadow of the Vampire (2000) one of the best movies of the 2000s of any genre.

We hope you enjoyed the lists. How many have you seen? Did they miss any? These are the sorts of things that you need to tell us so that we can more easily compile our own list of favorite scary movies. And if you have waded through these lists and still can’t get enough of vampire movies, you are in luck! Apparently, filmmakers haven’t fulfilled their fascination with vampire movies either! So here are a few lists of upcoming vampire movies to check out the trailers.
The most comprehensive that we have found is Suburban Vampire’s Upcoming Vampire Movies/Series list.

Want something a little bit more focused? Here is Vampires Digest’s Top Five Upcoming Vampire Movies.

Social Networking Sites for Vampires
Are you a vampire? Do you want to be? Are you looking to connect with others that are interested in vampires? Or do you just want to fall in love with a vampire?

The rise of the internet offers individuals the opportunity to make new friends, get advice, and connect with others from the comfort of their own home. And we all know that it is especially difficult to meet people when you only leave your house at night! So you should take advantage of the opportunities that are afforded to you. With the increasing amount of news about vampires recently because of the popular tv and movie series about vampires, more people than ever are coming out of the woodwork to proclaim their vampire status. We’re pretty sure that they would be happy to welcome you to the club!

Here are a few social networking websites for vampires and those who would liked to be kissed by a vampire. We haven’t spent an extensive amount of time on any of them in particular but we expect that we’ll be making friends with a few people on them soon. If you are a regular visitor on one of these sites and stop by here, be sure to say hello!

Vampire Scene
Vampire Freaks
Vampire Social
Vampire Rave

If you know of any other discussion forums, bulletin boards, blogs or similar websites that would be helpful to share with current and prospective vampires, we hope that you will contact us and send us a link. We’ll be happy to post it here if we think our visitors will find it valuable.

So you want to dress up in a vampire costume for Halloween. You’ve done your homework. You’ve read the books. You’ve seen the movies. But do you truly know enough about vampires in order to emulate one for Halloween? Do you know what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to vampire lore? I guess we will find that out soon enough now, won’t we?


We started out here with the simple task of defining what is a vampire. But after several visits to different dictionaries, encyclopedias, and websites, we were right back where we started. We have a number of conceptions about vampires – they rise at night, they thrive on blood, they can transform into bats. But it turns out that even these basic truths about vampires are up for debate. Since we don’t know any vampires that we can ask at the moment, we had to turn to the internet in order to settle some of our internal debates. And the amount of information about vampires online was simply overwhelming!

Fortunately, it is possible to wear a vampire costume without being required to settle some of these debates – such as whether a vampire has to be a reanimated corpse or can a living person be a vampire as well? But if you are confronted by someone while wearing your costume, we want you to have as much information as possible in order to rebuff their claims and answer their silly questions about your capabilities as a vampire. So in order to help you with your transformation, we’ve put together a few links to websites that offer information about vampires. These websites will help you separate the reality of the vampire from the myths and legends which have become exaggerated over time. They should also

– Wikipedia on Vampires
Everything you need to know about vampires
40 Interesting Facts about Vampires
Vampire Facts

We are busy getting ready for Halloween or we would try to create our own concise guide to being a vampire. Instead, we hope that these websites have provided you enough information to answer any of your questions about the facts of vampire life.


Do you have what it takes to be a vampire on Halloween? Do you think one of your friends is turning into a vampire in October? Do you just want to know what makes a vampire tick?

We know that your role play of a vampire with your costume on Halloween may only be for a few short hours, but we want you to have all of the information necessary to successfully convince your friends that you are a vampire. And when a stranger asks you some ridiculous question about vampires, we want you to know enough about your new self to be able to keep up the conversation and retort their foolish statements.

In order to begin your education into vampire traits and characteristics, we think that you should check out the following websites which offer insight into these sorts of matters about vampires:

– Wikipedia Table of Vampire Traits
Vampire Traits
Vampire Characteristics on I Love Werewolves
Vampire Traits on

Now that you have acquainted yourself with a few character traits of vampires and are mentally preparing yourself for the challenge of the transformation, we’d like to introduce you to another important aspect of your vampire conversion – you need a vampire name! The ability to introduce oneself properly when asked at a halloween party is a very important part of being a vampire (rather than simply emulating a famous vampire such as Count Dracula or Edward Cullen). So visit this website right now. BTW, don’t forget to write your name down so that you don’t forget it before Halloween. If you don’t like your name, there are several other vampire name generators on the world wide web.


Cheap Vampire Costumes

Delicious First Bite Sexy Costume


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Halloween Costumes

Rubie’s Gothic Fairy Costume


Boys Costumes - Costume Ideas for Halloween 2020

Rubies Vampire Child Costume

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Shop Vampire Costume Accessories

Short Descriptions for the Above Products:

Very Bat Girl Teen Costume Description:

Comes in two teen sizes. Double knit poly dress. Bat wings.

Vampire Toddler Costume Description:

Cape. -.

InCharacter Costumes Men’s Street Vampire Costume Description:

Jacket printed vest. jabot. mesh tatoo sleeve.

California Costumes Women’s Transylvanian Temptress Description:

Dress with attached corset and shawl collar. Hat on headband. Glovelettes.

Dreamgirl Women’s La Vamp Fatale Dress Description:

Corset styled dress has a back bustle and buckle front detailing. Costume also includes adjustable removable vampire collar, tattoo printed shrug, and choker with chain detailing. Pantyhose not included.

Dreamgirl Men’s Dead Sexy Costume Description:

Ruffled detailing. Cross appliqué on back. 1 piece set.

Dreamgirl Women’s Mysterious Mistress Dress Description:

Gown has front shirring and attached necklace. Spider web shimmer knit chiffon trim along cuff and hemline.

Dreamgirl Women’s Victorian Vamp Bustier Description:

Fully boned brocade taffeta bustier with velvet flock pattern has rhinestone ruffled neckline and front zipper closure. Removable/adjustable shoulder straps. Petticoat not included.

Rubie’s Transylvanian Vampire Costume Description:

Costume features white shirt with attached red and black vest. Long black cape with red lining and oversized stand up collar included. Also includes gold-colored medallion with inset red gem.

Royal Vampire Costume Description:

Costume features black jacket with attached shirt front and blood-red vest. Vest is decorated with stylish black bats. Also includes gold-colored medallion with inset red gem.

Rubies Vampire Child Costume Description:

Rubies Vampire Child Costume, Small, One Color. Vampire costume includes shirt with attached vest, cape, and pants. Black bats printed on a blood red cape.

Dreamgirl Women’s Plus-Size Killing Me Softly Costume Description:

Victorian styled vampire dress made from rich red and black velvet. Jewelry and pantyhose not included.

Delicious First Bite Sexy Costume Description:

Midnight black and blood red costume includes corset with large collar and attached garters
Skirt, mini hat, and necklace included; stockings sold separately
Note: costume sizing is different than apparel sizing, review the Delicious size chart and measure before selecting size

Seven Til Midnight Women’s Goth Vampire Description:

90% Polyester, 10% Spandex. Sheer black gloves add a feminine edge to this bold red and black goth costume trimed with silver grommets on the stretchy bodice. China.

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Women’s Midnight Vampiress Costume Description:

Full length gown with stand up collar and lace sleeves. Necklace not included. Small size fits bust 33-34.5 waist 25-26.5 and hips 35.5-37.

Leg Avenue Women’s 3 Piece Vampire Queen Costume Description:

Beautiful brocade high low dress. Beautiful stay up collar and lace gloves. Great cross choker.

Secret Wishes Women’s Midnight Vampira Sexy Vampire Costume Description:

Midnight Vampira sexy vampire costume. Includes skirt, corset style top with high collar, and bat hair clip. Stockings and shoes available separately.

California Costumes Women’s Vampire Vixen Costume Description:

This item comes with dress with attached collar and over skirt, adjustable underskirt and detached sleeves. Fishnet leggings and shoes are not included.

Leg Avenue Women’s Victorian Vamp Steampunk Costume Description:

Steampunk inspired dress. Buckle detail and satin ruffle skirt. Detachable collar.

California Costumes Women’s Blood Thirsty Beauty Costume Description:

Includes: Dress with attached collar and belt. Wig, cup, jewelry, hosiery, shoes are not included.

Rubie’s Gothic Fairy Costume Description:

Please see Secret Wishes sizing information on the sizing chart. Corset style red dress accented with black lace, bows and silver metal detailing plus attached sleevelets. Includes matching black and silver headband and wings with skeletal, bat-like screen printing.

Rubie’s Costume Transylvanian Vampiress Dress With Tiara And Choker Description:

100% Polyester Exclusive Of Trim. Complete costume package includes dress, tiara, choker. Exclusive licensed costume from rubies costume co., inc.

InCharacter Costumes Women’s Vampire’s Vixen Costume Description:

InCharacter Costumes Women’s Vampire’s Vixen Costume for sale for Halloween. Dripping with elegant tiers of velvet and lace. Matching brocade vampire collar with jewel pendant and black lace glovettes.

California Costumes Women’s Immortal Seductress Costume Description:


InCharacter Costumes Women’s Gothic Vampiress Costume Description:

InCharacter Costumes Women’s Gothic Vampiress Costume for sale for Halloween. Includes full length lace trimmed satin gown and jeweled choker. Tulle/Petticoat. Deluxe material and styling.

Secret Wishes Maroon Costume Dress Description:

Dark rose costume features a full length gown in deep blood red. Apparel and costume sizing are not the same, refer to Secret Wishes size chart and reviews before you make buying decision. Cap sleeves can be worn up or down.

Rubie’s Costume Co Women’s Elegant Vampiress Costume Description:

Elegant vampiress costume includes dress and black velvet capelet with standing collar and attached brooch. Green and black dress features layered skirt with tulle overlay, velvet bodice with damask panel, and sheer black sleeves with lace trim. Available in sizes small (33 to 35-inch bust, 25 to 26-inch waist) and standard (36 to 38-inch bust, 27 to 30-inch waist).

To purchase one of these products, please click the appropriate image at the top of this page!