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Vampire costume accessories remain one of the most popular accessories around Halloween time.  We carry lots of satin and lined vampire capes, plenty of types of fangs, temptress wigs, makeup kits, and lots more.

Vampires remain today a scary mystery.  Ever been to Transylvania?  Afraid of bats?  Lots of myths dating back to the middle ages.  We don’t know any vampires to ask but there have been lots of movies about vampires.  Television had Dark Shadows.  Tom Cruise played a vampire.  Wesley Snipes played a vampire hunter.  Several actresses played Buffy.  So you have lots of characters to pattern your costume after.  Have fun this fall.

Costume Accessories

Sexy Bites Custom Vampire Fangs


Costume Accessories

Dracula Medallion Necklace


Costume Accessories

Tinsley Transfers Vampire Bites


Costume Accessories

Boys Vampire Wig – Child Std.


Costume Accessories

Vampire Makeup Kit


Costume Accessories

Vampire Blood


Costume Accessories

Scarecrow Custom Fangs


Costume Accessories

Vampire Fangs


Vampire Costumes