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Become Ginormica (aka Susan Murphy), Dr. Cockroach or another “monster” from the Government’s secret compound and take on the aliens that have landed on planet Earth and are on the rampage.  Shop from our selection of Monsters vs. Aliens costumes for Halloween:

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Monsters Vs. Aliens Child’s Susan (50′ Woman) Costume


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Step into a world of monstrous hilarity and intergalactic adventure with our varied collection of Monsters vs. Aliens costumes. Opting for a Monsters vs. Aliens costume for Halloween allows you to embody the fun, imaginative characters from this beloved animation. With their unique designs and appealing aesthetics, these costumes are sure to make you the talk of any Halloween gathering.

Monsters vs. Aliens is a 2009 computer-animated science fiction comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation. The plot unfolds when a California girl named Susan Murphy is hit by a meteorite on her wedding day, causing her to grow to a height of 49 feet 11 inches. She is taken to a top-secret government compound where she meets a group of monsters, including the brilliant Dr. Cockroach, the half-ape, half-fish Missing Link, the gelatinous and indestructible B.O.B., and the massive, moth-like Insectosaurus. Together, they have to combat an alien mastermind who plans to take over the Earth.

The characters of Monsters vs. Aliens are diverse, colorful, and full of personality. Our collection caters to this wide array of characters, from the towering Ginormica to the quirky Dr. Cockroach. Susan's, or Ginormica's, costume features her iconic striped outfit, while B.O.B.'s costume captures his gelatinous form perfectly. We also offer costumes for the Missing Link, displaying his fishy-ape physique, and the intricate Dr. Cockroach with his lab coat and six-legged silhouette.

No Monsters vs. Aliens costume is complete without the perfect accessories. For Susan, consider adding a white veil to signify her interrupted wedding day. B.O.B. enthusiasts can carry a toy prop of his favorite dessert, jello, while those portraying the Missing Link might opt for swim goggles or a surfboard. Fans of Dr. Cockroach can complete their look with a pair of oversized glasses and a toy cockroach companion.

The ensemble nature of Monsters vs. Aliens lends itself perfectly to group costumes. Friends or family can embody the entire monster squad, allowing for a lot of fun interactions and an impressive group presentation. You could even include General W.R. Monger, who leads the monster team, in your group setup for an extra touch of authenticity.

There are also plenty of possibilities for couples who want to explore Monsters vs. Aliens costumes. Susan and Derek, her weatherman fiancé, make for a comedic pairing, especially given their height difference. Alternatively, you could go for a fun monster pairing, such as Dr. Cockroach and B.O.B., showcasing their unique friendship.

This Halloween, dive into the wonderfully weird world of Monsters vs. Aliens with our exciting range of costumes. Whether you're on the hunt for a solo costume, aiming to form a hilarious monster group, or looking for the perfect couples outfit, our Monsters vs. Aliens costumes offer a fun, distinctive choice that will make this Halloween unforgettable. Dive in and let the monstrous fun begin!

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Monsters Vs. Aliens Child’s Susan (50′ Woman) Costume Description:

Red jumpsuit is roomy and easy to move in. Costume details are drawn onto jumpsuit. Headpiece mimics white hair.

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