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Our Flash costume was worn by the popular superhero Barry Allen who as the Flash fought crime.  Dressed up in a red costume, head mask, and lightning symbol the Flash was an original American hero for DC Comics.  Barry Allen has been the character name for only one of the four Flash characters.  The Flash comic series started in 1940.  Barry Allen is considered the modern era character for the series.

While I am not aware of any Flash movies the character has been mentioned in some high profile television and Hollywood films.  One example is Jim Parsons from the hit series “The Big Bang Theory” wears the flash costume in a number of episodes.  Less recognizable is the reference to Barry Allen as the Flash brought to Tom Hanks attention in the wonderful Leonardo DiCaprio movie “Catch Me If You Can”.


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The Flash has never achieved the movie superhero status of Batman, Superman, or Captain America. The character is very popular with the comic book crowd. A member of the Justice League he frequently also appears in comics working with the Green Lantern characters, so consider pairing it with a Green Lantern costume.