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Check our selection of Eskimo costumes for women.  Be the only sexy Eskimo that makes the trip down from the Arctic for your party.

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Eskimo Costumes - Adult & Kids Alaskan Indian Costume Ideas & Accessories for Sale

J. Valentine Women’s White Eskimo Dress


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The Eskimos are a group of indigenous people found in Alaska, Siberia, Canada and Greenland. The two groups considered Eskimos are the Yupik and Inupiat. Their culture dates back approximately 5,000 years. They are best known among residents of the lower 48 states for their igloos and dog sleds. But the term Eskimo has fallen out of favor and preference is now given to the Yupik and Inuit. We intend no disrespect with our use of the term here.

Eskimo costume ideas offer a unique and culturally inspired choice for those looking to celebrate the rich traditions of the indigenous peoples of the Arctic. Embracing an Eskimo-inspired costume allows individuals to pay homage to this vibrant culture and its iconic clothing styles.

An Eskimo costume typically features elements such as fur, layers, and traditional patterns. For instance, consider wearing a parka made of faux fur or a faux fur-trimmed hood. Layering with leggings or thick pants and a tunic or long-sleeved shirt can add authenticity to the ensemble. Incorporate traditional patterns like geometric designs or animal motifs into the costume, either through the clothing itself or through accessories like scarves or belts.

The history and culture of the Eskimo people, also referred to as Inuit and Yupik, span thousands of years. They have adapted to the harsh Arctic environment, developing a deep connection with the land, sea, and wildlife. The Eskimo culture is known for its rich storytelling, art, and craftsmanship, all of which can inspire costume choices.

Totem poles are towering sculptures traditionally created by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest, including the Eskimo. These intricate wooden structures are carved with animal and human figures, representing family histories, clan lineages, and spiritual beliefs. Totem poles serve as powerful symbols of ancestral heritage and cultural identity, showcasing the artistic prowess and storytelling traditions of the Eskimo people.

For group or couples costume ideas involving Eskimo themes, consider a group of friends or family members dressing up as a traditional Eskimo family. Each person can represent a different family member, including grandparents, parents, and children, and wear corresponding Eskimo-inspired attire. Coordinating the color scheme and incorporating traditional patterns and accessories can create a visually cohesive and culturally respectful group ensemble.

When it comes to Eskimo costume accessories, there are several options to consider. Adding faux fur boots or moccasins can enhance the overall look and provide a touch of authenticity. Accessorizing with fur-trimmed hats or headbands can evoke the traditional headgear worn by Eskimo people in cold weather. Carrying a small handmade Eskimo-inspired craft, such as a miniature totem pole or a woven basket, can serve as a meaningful and decorative accessory.

In conclusion, Eskimo costume ideas allow individuals to celebrate the rich history and culture of the indigenous peoples of the Arctic. By incorporating elements such as fur, layers, traditional patterns, and culturally inspired accessories, one can create a respectful and visually captivating ensemble. Whether as an individual, part of a group, or a couple, embracing the beauty and significance of Eskimo culture through costume choices provides an opportunity to honor their traditions and showcase their enduring cultural legacy.

Short Descriptions for the Above Products:

Roma Costume Sexy Fired up Devil Costume Description:

Bust: 32-34″, Waist: 23-25″, Hips: 34-36″
Size: Small.Includes Dress with Fringe & Faux Fur Detail, Waist Cincher & Hoodie with Fringe Detail
Fabric Content: Poly/Spandex.

Dreamgirl Women’s Eskimo Cutie Costume Description:

Zipper front stretch crushed velvet dress with faux fur trim hood and pom poms
Includes mittens and boot covers

Polar Princess Tween Eskimo Costume Description:

Dress w/ Hood, Boot Covers. Chocolate Brown, White. (White, Not Cream as Pictured). 100% Polyester (Hand Wash Cold. Do Not Twist. Line Dry. No Bleach.)
Girls TWEEN Sizes: LG (10-12); XLG (12-14)
Dress: Faux Stretch Microsuede Dress w/ Attached Hood, Faux Fur Trim Around Hood and Hem, Faux Fur Trim on Bottom Half of Sleeves, Arctic-themed Trim Along Sleeve and Hemline Fur, Pom Pom Ties at Neckline; Faux Fur Boot Covers Slip Over Your Own Boots

Secret Wishes Enchanting Eskimo Dress Description:

Hooded mini-dress is brown with white faux fur trim
Furry white leg warmers included
Apparel and costume sizing are not the same, refer to Secret Wishes size chart and reviews before you make buying decision

California Costumes Women’s Plus-Size Eskimo Kisses Plus Description:

Dress with attached hood , shoe covers
Dress with hood

Eskimo Kids Costume Description:

100% polyester crushed velvet & long-pile faux fur. Long-sleeved pullover dress & hood of white crushed velvet. Hood, hem & sleeve cuffs edged w/ wide band of fur & colorful geometric brocade ribbon.

J. Valentine Women’s White Eskimo Dress Description:

J. Valentine Women’s White Eskimo Dress for sale for Halloween. This item is a genuine j. Valentine product. Perfect for rave, club or costume events. High quality faux suede.

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