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Buy your daughter her favorite Ever After High costume for Halloween and help her write her own fairy tale future. If she loves the fashion doll franchise started by Mattel in 2013 as a companion line to Monster High, then let her shop these Ever After High costumes to her hearts’ content.

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Ever After High is a popular multimedia franchise that revolves around the lives and stories of the next generation of fairy tale characters. In this enchanting world, the teenage sons and daughters of famous fairy tale characters attend a boarding school called Ever After High to discover their destinies and choose whether to follow in their parents' footsteps or create their own happily ever afters.

Ever After High Characters

1. Apple White: Daughter of Snow White, Apple White is a natural-born leader who embraces her destiny as the next Snow White, hoping to follow in her mother's footsteps.

2. Raven Queen: Daughter of the Evil Queen from Snow White, Raven Queen questions her role as the next Evil Queen and strives to create her own story, embracing her individuality and defying expectations.

3. Briar Beauty: Daughter of Sleeping Beauty, Briar Beauty loves her destiny as the next Sleeping Beauty and enjoys sleeping in, but she also dreams of adventures beyond her fairy tale.

4. Madeline Hatter: Daughter of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, Madeline Hatter is a whimsical and eccentric character who loves tea parties and embraces her destiny to be the next Mad Hatter.

5. Kitty Cheshire: Daughter of the Cheshire Cat, Kitty Cheshire has a mischievous personality and enjoys playing pranks. She is known for her ability to disappear and reappear at will.

6. Ashlynn Ella: Daughter of Cinderella, Ashlynn Ella dreams of her own happily ever after but faces challenges as she falls in love with Hunter Huntsman, the son of a Huntsman.

7. Hunter Huntsman: Son of the Huntsman, Hunter Huntsman is a rebel who challenges traditional fairy tale norms. He becomes romantically involved with Ashlynn Ella, even though it goes against their story.

8. Dexter Charming: Son of Prince Charming, Dexter Charming is a charming and friendly character who supports the students of Ever After High. He is Ashlynn Ella's love interest.

Ever After High Costume Accessories

For Ever After High costume accessories, you can consider the following:

Tiaras and Crowns: As many characters in Ever After High are royalty or have ties to fairy tales, tiaras and crowns are popular accessories. Look for sparkling tiaras or ornate crowns that match the character you want to portray.

Masks: Some characters, like Kitty Cheshire, have a playful and mysterious nature. Masks can be a fun accessory to capture the essence of these characters.

Character-specific Items: Each character in Ever After High has unique elements that represent their fairy tale heritage. For example, Apple White might have a poisoned apple prop, while Raven Queen could have an apple-shaped necklace. Consider these character-specific items to enhance your costume.

Wigs: Ever After High characters have distinct hairstyles that reflect their personalities. Look for wigs that replicate the signature styles of characters like Apple White's long, curly blonde hair or Madeline Hatter's wild, colorful locks.

Group and Couples Costume Ideas for Ever After High Costumes

Royal Court: Gather a group of friends to create a royal court by dressing up as different characters from Ever After High. You can have an Apple White, Raven Queen, Briar Beauty, and more, creating a visually stunning group costume.

Royal Couples: For couples costume ideas, consider going as Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman or Apple White and Dexter Charming. These pairs offer a charming and romantic option for couples who want to celebrate Ever After High together.

Fairy Tale Mashup: Ever After High is all about reimagining fairy tales. Embrace this concept by creating mashup costumes that combine characters from different fairy tales. Mix and match elements from Ever After High characters with other well-known fairy tale characters for a unique group costume idea.

Themed Group: Instead of focusing solely on Ever After High characters, consider a themed group where each person dresses up as a character from different fairy tales. This way, you can celebrate a broader range of beloved stories while still incorporating the spirit of Ever After High.

With these costume ideas and accessories, you can bring the magical world of Ever After High to life and create unforgettable looks that celebrate the power of storytelling and individuality.

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Rubies Ever After High Child Raven Queen Costume Description:

Capelet, tights, belt, cuffs and dress with purple fringe. Raven Queen wig and other accessories available separately from Rubie’s Costume Company. Rubie’s’ Costume Co, a world leader in costumes and accessories for the entire family since 1950.

Rubies Ever After High Child Raven Queen Costume Description:

Officially licensed Monster High Raven Queen costume from Ever After High. Dress with purple printed skirt, capelette, belt, cuff, and tights. IMPORTANT: Costumes are sized differently than clothing; READ the Rubie’s Costume size chart, reviews, and Q & A BEFORE YOU BUY.

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