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Fruit Costume Ideas

Wearing a fruit costume for Halloween is a refreshing and playful choice that allows you to embody the vibrant and delicious nature of various fruits. Here are some fruit costume ideas to consider:


Dressing up as a strawberry is a classic and recognizable choice. You can wear a red dress or tunic as the base of your costume. Attach green leaves to a headband or wear a green hat to represent the strawberry's stem. Consider adding black seed-shaped dots to complete the strawberry look.


A pineapple costume is both tropical and eye-catching. Start with a yellow dress or tunic as the main component of your costume. Attach green leaves made of felt or fabric to a headband or hat to mimic the pineapple's crown. For added detail, you can create a textured effect by attaching brown paper or fabric strips in a crisscross pattern.


A watermelon costume is perfect for those who love bright colors. Wear a green dress or tunic as the base of your costume to represent the rind. Attach a large pink or red circle made of fabric or felt to the front of your dress or tunic. To complete the watermelon look, use black fabric paint or marker to create seeds on the pink or red circle.


Dressing up as a banana is a fun and easily recognizable choice. Choose a yellow bodysuit or dress as the main component of your costume. Add a brown felt or fabric piece to the top to represent the stem of the banana. For added effect, you can wear a brown hat or headband with a curved shape to mimic the banana's curve.


An orange costume is vibrant and citrusy. Wear an orange dress or tunic as the base of your costume. Attach a green leafy collar or necklace around your neck to represent the orange's foliage. To create the texture of an orange, use fabric paint or marker to draw dimples or small lines on the dress or tunic.

Fruit Costume Accessories

To enhance your fruit costume and make it more distinctive, there are several accessories you can consider. Here are some options to complete your fruit-inspired look:


Consider wearing a headpiece that represents the top part of the fruit you've chosen. For example, a strawberry costume can be paired with a headband or hat adorned with green leaves. A pineapple costume can be complemented by a headband or hat with a crown of green leaves. The headpiece adds a fun and recognizable element to your fruit costume.

Fruit Props

Carrying a fruit prop can be a delightful addition to your fruit costume. For example, you can hold a fabric or foam replica of the fruit you're portraying, such as a pineapple, watermelon slice, or banana. The prop adds a playful touch and helps reinforce the fruit theme of your costume.

Shoes or Leggings

Consider wearing shoes or leggings that match the color of your chosen fruit. For example, if you're dressing up as a strawberry, you can wear red shoes or red leggings to complete the look. This adds a coordinated and visually appealing element to your fruit costume.

Group and Couples Costume Ideas for a Fruit Costume

Fruit-themed costumes offer fantastic opportunities for group or couples' ensembles, allowing you to create a colorful and cohesive fruit salad. Here are some ideas to consider:

Fruit Basket

Gather a group of friends and dress up as a variety of fruits to create a fruit basket ensemble. Each member can choose a different fruit to represent, such as strawberries, pineapples, oranges, bananas, and more. Coordinate your costumes with vibrant colors and complementary accessories to create a visually striking fruit basket.

Fruit Salad

For a larger group, dress up as a fruit salad. Each member can choose a different fruit and wear a costume or outfit that represents it. You can even attach a small label or sign to each costume indicating the fruit's name. This idea allows for individual creativity and creates a delightful and diverse fruit salad ensemble.

Fruit and Farmer

For a couples' costume, one person can dress up as a fruit, complete with a fruit-themed costume and accessories. The other person can portray a farmer, wearing denim overalls, a straw hat, and carrying a basket filled with fruits. This pairing creates a charming and interactive duo, representing the relationship between the fruit and the farmer. Wearing a fruit costume for Halloween allows you to celebrate nature's bounty and bring a burst of color and freshness to the festivities. With the addition of fruit costume accessories like headpieces, props, and coordinated shoes or leggings, you can take your fruit-inspired costume to the next level. And if you're dressing up as a group or a couple, consider ideas like a fruit basket, fruit salad, or a fruit and farmer combination to create a cohesive and visually appealing ensemble. So embrace the sweetness and vibrancy of fruits and have a fruitful and fun-filled Halloween!

Short Descriptions for the Above Products:

Single Funny Fruit & Veggie Costume | Slip On Halloween Costume for Women and Men| One Size Fits All Description:

YOU SAY TOMATO, I SAY TOM-AHTO: This tomato didn’t grow on a vine, but you’re sure to get “picked” for cutest costume at this year’s Halloween party
YOU SAY TOMATO, I SAY TOM-UHTO: Includes one thick and juicy Tomato costume that fits right over your clothes. One size fits most
YOU SAY TOMATO, I SAY TOM-EHTO: This tomato costume makes the perfect couples costume for a Tomato & Bacon pairing, Tomato and Lettuce, or Tomato and Liquor for a Bloody Mary dup. Perfect for Halloween, dress up contests, theme parties, roleplaying, cosplay, and more

Seasons Halloween Costume Children Strawberry Costume Fruit Costume (6-8T,21.5W X 25L) Description:

Costume and headband only, No pants and shirt, 100% polyester
Size for kids 6-8 yrs
Velcro design, you can adjust the shoulder or waist as child’s height and weight. Fit perfectly for most kids

Fun World womens Strawberry Flirty Fruit Description:

Brand new Fantastic Quality Standard Strawberry costume
Adult Size Small-Medium (2-8) – Medium-Large (10-14), approx ages 18-88. Fun World costumes are designed to fit a wide variety of sizes and to also provide a sexy finish. Sizes provided by Fun World are approximate sizes. The sizing stated here is the best known information.
This posting includes: Tunic and headband as featured

Infant/Toddler Strawberry Bubble Costume Description:

100% polyester
Bubble fit tunic has fiberfill stuffing to give plump look
Print image of seeds all over the tunic

Dress Up America Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Costume for Kids – Product Includes: Bubble and Hat Description:

BERRY CUTE – This adorable chocolate covered strawberry costume is an adorable addition to your costume party. See your little tot become the center of attention for this adorable costume. The costume includes a bubble and a strawberry hat. It comes in both baby and toddler sizes. Compliments are guaranteed!
SWEET – The strawberry costume is designed with an easy and practical closure in the back. The strawberry hat has the green leaves attached on top for that realistic look. The babies size is a baby bubble top and the toddlers is a bubble tunic. (Tights not included.)
GREAT QUALITY AND DESIGN – The costume is designed with top quality polyester material for the utmost durability and comfort. The costume has that velvety soft touch that’ll make all kids not to wanna remove it all night. The costume is made to be comfortable to wear and move around in.

Single Funny Fruit & Veggie Costume | Slip On Halloween Costume for Women and Men| One Size Fits All Description:

NATURE’S CANDY: There’s plenty of sour apples out there. Be a refreshing slice of Wonderous Watermelon this year, harvested & pre-cut from the fields of Hauntlook Farms
FRESH FROM THE GARDEN: This costume is a unisex, one-size-fits-most, poncho-style tunic for easy wear over layers of regular clothing
EVERGREEN APPAREL: Wear it in your next theatre play or on your next summer trip to the farmer’s market. See other fruit costumes and prepare a fruit salad with friends

Rasta Imposta – Watermelon Slice Costume Description:

100% polyester
Tunic has glitter graphics on the front

Rasta Imposta Apple with Worm Costume Description:

Food & drinks

Rasta Imposta Apple with Worm Costume Description:

Food & drinks

Forum Novelties Watermelon Costume Description:

Unisex watermelon costume. Tunic with face cutout. Standard size fits up to a 42-inch chest.

Forum Novelties Green Grapes Costume Description:

Unisex purple grapes costume. Includes hood and tunic with attached sleeves and grape balloons. Standard size fits up to a 42-inch chest.

Rasta Imposta Banana Bunting Description:

Infants 3-9 months. Bunting.

Rasta Imposta Men’s Banana Hoodie Description:

Ha ha hoodies are simple costume alternatives that are funny and can be worn year-round. This is an original rasta imposta design.

Rasta Imposta Banana Deluxe Adult Description:

This deluxe costume is durable and easy to wear. Tunic.

Rasta Imposta Lightweight Banana Costume Description:

Includes: Lightweight Banana Costume. Thousands of costumes. Accessories for kids and adults of all ages!.

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