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Buy a Miles Callisto costume for your child this Halloween to let him become the space adventurer that travels with his family and robo-ostrich Merc. Shop our selection of Miles from Tomorrowland costumes for this October:

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Miles from Tomorrowland Show

Miles from Tomorrowland is an animated television series that takes young viewers on exciting space adventures. The show combines elements of science fiction and exploration, offering a unique blend of entertainment and educational content. Set in the future, the series follows the Callisto family as they navigate the galaxy, discovering new worlds and encountering fascinating creatures.

The animation style of Miles from Tomorrowland is visually appealing, with colorful and futuristic designs. The show incorporates imaginative technology and gadgets, sparking children's curiosity about space and science.

Miles from Tomorrowland Characters

Miles Callisto: Miles is the main protagonist of the series. He is a young and adventurous boy with a passion for space exploration. Miles is always eager to learn and is known for his resourcefulness and problem-solving skills. As the show's young hero, he inspires children to embrace curiosity and pursue their dreams.

Loretta Callisto: Loretta is Miles' older sister and a tech-savvy genius. She possesses a vast knowledge of science and technology, often using her skills to help the family on their intergalactic missions. Loretta is a role model for young girls interested in STEM fields and promotes the importance of intelligence and ingenuity.

Merc: Merc is Miles' best friend and a robotic ostrich-like creature. Merc accompanies Miles on his adventures and provides comedic relief. Despite his mischievous nature, Merc is loyal and caring, teaching children the value of friendship and teamwork.

Phoebe Callisto: Phoebe is Miles' supportive and nurturing mother. She is an accomplished pilot and scientist who guides her children with wisdom and love. Phoebe encourages exploration and instills important values in her family, such as compassion and resilience.

Captain Callisto: Captain Callisto is Miles' father and the leader of the Callisto family. He is an experienced space adventurer and an inspirational figure to his children. Captain Callisto embodies bravery and leadership, teaching children about responsibility and the importance of family bonds.

Miles from Tomorrowland Costume Accessories

If you're looking to dress up as a character from Miles from Tomorrowland, there are various costume accessories available to help you embody their futuristic looks.

Miles Spacesuit: To transform into Miles, you can wear a spacesuit featuring his signature colors and design. Look for a jumpsuit or a set of clothing with a space-inspired theme, complete with space-themed patches and logos.

Loretta's Goggles: Loretta is often seen wearing her high-tech goggles. You can incorporate goggles with a futuristic and sleek design into your costume. Look for goggles with colored lenses or unique shapes that resemble Loretta's iconic eyewear.

Merc Plush Toy: Merc is an adorable and mischievous character in the show. To represent Merc, you can carry a plush toy version of him. Look for a Merc plush toy with his distinctive features, such as his colorful feathers and expressive eyes.

Phoebe's Pilot Hat: Phoebe is known for her piloting skills. To capture her character, wear a pilot hat that resembles Phoebe's headgear. Look for a hat with aviator elements, such as goggles or a visor, to add a touch of authenticity.

Captain Callisto's Badge: To represent Captain Callisto, wear a badge or emblem that resembles his leadership role. Look for a space-themed badge with the Callisto family logo or a symbol that represents space exploration and adventure.

Group and Couples Costume Ideas for Miles from Tomorrowland

For group costumes or couples costumes inspired by Miles from Tomorrowland, consider the following ideas:

Callisto Family: Gather a group of friends or family members and dress up as the entire Callisto family. Each person can choose a different character, allowing you to showcase the diversity and unique traits of each family member.

Miles and Loretta: For a dynamic duo costume, one person can dress up as Miles while the other can portray Loretta. This combination showcases the sibling bond and their shared love for space exploration.

Miles and Merc: Another fun option for a duo costume is to dress up as Miles and Merc. One person can be Miles, wearing a spacesuit, while the other can carry a Merc plush toy and wear space-themed accessories.

Galactic Explorers: If you're dressing up as a larger group, you can all go as Galactic Explorers. Each person can create their own unique spacesuit or futuristic outfit, incorporating elements of space travel and exploration.

Remember, when dressing up as characters from Miles from Tomorrowland, let your imagination soar and embrace the sense of adventure and wonder that the show brings. Have fun exploring the galaxy!

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Disguise Miles from Tomorrowland Deluxe Costume for Toddlers Description:

True to character!
Great for dress up and play!
Deluxe Padding!

Boys Tomorrowland Miles Classic Halloween Costume Description:

100% polyester jumpsuit with graphic pattern
100% polyester with polyurethane foam detachable collar
Jumpsuit fastens in back with Velcro

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