SodaStream Black Friday Deals 2023 – Fizzi, One Touch, Aqua Fizz & Cyber Monday Deals

Find the best deals on the SodaStream this Black Friday 2023. Funtober will post the biggest online sales and discounts in print ads from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday 2023 on the Fizzi, One Touch, Aqua Fizz and other SodaStream products. The SodaStream has been a great seller for years and a very popular gift item. Add it to any kitchen (your own or your family members) at a great price this Thanksgiving weekend. We are dedicated to finding you the best prices and deals on SodaStream products to kick start the holiday shopping season.

2022 Deals:

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Past Deals:

The SodaStream offers a way to carbonate water, make your own soda and other carbonated flavored drinks. The SodaStream product offers a both manual and electric carbonation machines, universal 60 liter carbonator bottles, plastic and glass refillable bottles and 36 seltzer/soda flavor offerings. The SodaStream offers a number of benefits, significantly reduces waste, no mare carrying heavy soda from the store, and its much cheaper then purchasing carbonated drinks.

There are several different Soda Stream Starter packs, including:
SodaStream Fizzi – The entry level non-electric SodaStream Fizzi for $49.99. Note, with this entry model the “Carbonator” carbon tank is not included. Operating it is simple: hook up the Carbonator tank and attached the included plastic (BPA free) bottle and press the bottom on the top to carbonate the beverage to your specifications. The Fizzi comes in black, white and Icy-blue. You can also purchase the Fizzi starter back which includes a 60L Carbonator for as low as $75.00.
SodaStream One Touch – The mid line offering is electric and only requires one touch to carbonate a beverage. The Soda Stream One Touch starter pack is as low as $119.99 and come with a 60L Carbonator and one BPA refillable plastic bottle. The model is compatible with all of the Soda Stream bottles. The One Touch comes in black or white only.
SodaStream Genesis – With its modern twist on a timeless ‘soda fountain’ look, the Genesis brings a sleek and slender elegance into your kitchen. This slim, space saving design normally runs about $149.99.
SodaStream Aqua Fizz – The premium offering from Soda Stream comes with two glass carafes for $179.99. This is a newer model.
SodaStream Crystal – The top of the line SodaStream Crystal sparkling water maker is an elegant polished aluminum finished model that come with one glass carafe for $299.99

The refillable Carbonator exchange is worth noting because the extra Carbonator bottles are about $30 each. Lots of stores have an exchange program where you can exchange your empties for a filled bottle for $14.99. The program works very similarly to how propane grill tanks do. The extra tank is expensive, but the refills cost much less. There are a lot of extra bottles to choose from with graphics and designs, sold in .5ml and 1 L single and double packs. There are tons of flavoring syrups and there are a lot of offerings from other companies, so chances are you will be able to find more than one favorite.

2020 Black Friday Deals on SodaStream

Kohl’s has SodaStream Genesis Sparkling Water Maker Bundle for $67.99 (using 15% off coupon “GIVE” and earn $15 Kohl’s Cash, regularly $149.99) on Thanksgiving (online beginning at 12:01am) and in stores Black Friday (beginning at 5am).

2019 Black Friday Deaks

Amazon has the Aqua Fizz with Co2 and Glass Carafes priced at $127.99 (price discount of $32 off the regular price). The Fizzi One-Touch Sparking Water Maker will be $52.49 at Bed Bath & Beyond (with coupon) and Staples has a Sodastream for $59.99. Walmart has the Black Sparkling Water Maker Kit on its website for $59.49 (more than $25 off)

We expect there to be great deals and bundle on the SodaStream line of products for Black Friday 2020 because it really makes a great gift item. With a variety of offering to fit different budgets, it’s been a big seller for years. We expect to see bundles of starter packs with flavoring and a lot of other deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We are watching closing to monitor all of the best online and print advertised sales, deals, and discounts to make sure you get the best price on any of the products in the Soda Stream Line. Check back for more detail as Black Friday 2020 get closer.

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