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Take your family to a corn maze this fall and enjoy some good ole’ farm fun.  Imagine it with me.  Your escape from the city on a beautiful, sunny, fall day in October to a nearby farm with your friends and family for a dash through the path cut from a corn field.  Americans have dreamed about walking through the corn since the Field of Dreams in 1989.  But you don’t have to go to Iowa to experience the pleasure.  There’s almost assuredly somewhere to get lost near you. Last Major Update:

Corn Mazes

We list hundreds of farms across the country offering fall fun, including corn mazes, haunted mazes, flashlight or night mazes, and more.  Find your next challenge now:

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Why go to a corn maze?

It’s unbelievably fun.  It’s like an orienteering course without a compass and line of sight.  Definitely a quality bonding activity for families and groups.  Larger cornfields often have bridges or overlooks that allow you to rise above the corn and enjoy the sight of corn as far as the eye can see.

Make it a competition.  Many mazes have locational checkpoints with different shaped paper punches to indicate that you reached every area.  Others have trivia questions throughout the maze where the right answer moves you through the maze faster.  Add a timed element and compete against other groups for top honors through the maze.

They can be scary.  One couple in October 2011 got endlessly lost in the field and had to call 911! If you prefer a thrill, try a haunted corn maze at night.  When the sun goes down, you are sure to run into a few ghosts!  It is Halloween, after all.

Get educated.  This is both for your children and yourself.  What better way is there for you and your kids to understand where the food you eat comes from then to visit a local farm.  Want to learn first hand about organic farming and the farm to table movement?  Talk to the people at your local farm.

Support local farmers.  At many farms, the visitors provide surplus cash to help them make it until the next spring.  Farming is a tough business.  Long hours and hard work go into it.  And one bad crop can destroy a farm.  Why not let them know that you care?

Besides.  The photographs from the air are so beautiful that it would be a shame not to support this artistic effort.  Generally, cornfields are cut with a specifictheme.  Sometimes the theme is picked for its fun nature.  Other times the theme is selected to bring publicity to a cause.  The paths between the corn plants are cut to create the theme when looked at from over the corn field.  In 2011, for example, seven corn mazes around the country cut space exploration mazes in order to bring publicity to NASA.

Maze Time

Funtober specializes in all of the fun things that happen in October.  And cornfield mazes are no exception.  Fields of corn are planted in the spring.  The maze is cut in the acreage over the summer and by October it is tall enough to make for a fun romp around.  If you want to get a jump on harvest activities, some mazes open in September.  We’ve also got a list of things to bring and  things to do if you are lost!

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Information for Farmers

I put together a short guide for farmers considering starting a corn maze. There’s five sections.  First, it examines whether you should start a corn maze.  If you decide that you want to run a cornfield maze, you’ll get information about running a maze, safety measures to institute, and marketing.  Finally, there are a few concluding thoughts.

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