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Baby Halloween costumes are so much fun.  Buying a baby costume to celebrate your infant's first Halloween? I hope you will accept my belated congratulations!  Babies are a bundle of joy (when you aren't changing a dirty diaper) and look super cute dressed in some of the available infant Halloween costumes.  So don't forget to take a ton of pictures of your little one in his or her first costume. If you would like some guidance when buying baby Halloween costumes, here are my predictions. I expect that the hot baby costumes for boys will be related to Batman, Spiderman or The Avengers.  Little girls look cute in almost any costume, but I recommend the bunny, ladybug, lobster or Minnie mouse costumes. For our purposes here, we're defining baby as a child that is less than one year old. According to wikipedia, the term baby is synonymous with the term infant.  So for our purposes here, we're going to refer to all children under 12 months of age as baby or infant, interchangeably.  An infant is between the age of one month and 12 months. A child generally moves from the infant stage to the toddler stage when he or she can walk.  A toddler is a child between the ages of one year and three years old.  If your baby is over a year old, check out our toddler costumes.
Is Halloween Makeup Safe for Babies?
As I was thinking about how to make this section better, I began thinking about whether there is baby Halloween make-up.  A quick search revealed that multiple people have asked the question across the internet.  There's pros (it's really cute) and cons (messy, potentially unsafe).  Here's what I found valuable:

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