Samsung Black Friday 2020 Ad – TV, Soundbar, Tablet, Galaxy Phone Deals

Are you ready for the Samsung Black Friday ad for 2019? We will bring you info about the biggest and best deals and discounts here when the savings are announced online or in an advertisement for Black Friday 2020. We are committed to helping you find the best shopping deals of the year from Amazon Prime Day to Thanksgiving Weekend.So get ready to save in 2019, 2020 and beyond!

Samsung Smart Watches

The Samsung smartwatches offer a lot of functionality and are the best option for Android users, though through Samsung’s iOS app some models do work with iPhones. Samsung smartwatches feature long battery life and tons of fitness functionality.We are searching out the best in store and online deals on all of Samsung’s Smartwatches.Samsung offers four different smartwatches, Galaxy Watch, Gears S3, Gear Sport and the Gear S2.Let’s take a closer look at each so you can figure out which one is best for you.

Galaxy Watch

Samsung changed is naming scheme for the smartwatch ling up this year and launched the Galaxy Watch.The Galaxy watch comes in two sizes 42mm model and a 46mm model.Beyond the size difference the 46mm has a larger battery, so it may be your best option if you want to avoid the charger. The 46mm is supposed to last 4 days in conjunction with the use of the battery saving features. The 46mm only comes in a stainless steel finish. The 42mm comes in rose gold and midnight black. Both sizes of the Galaxy Watch are equipped with the 1.115Ghz Enynos 9110 dual core processor and 4GB of storage.Samsung offers cellular models for about $50 more.The cellular models have 1.5 GB of RAM and non-cellular has about half that amount.
Both models are waterproof to 50M. Both Galaxy Watches allow you to download Spotify tracks. The Galaxy Watch is Bixby enable, so you can respond to a text, get the weather, or maybe even call the Bat Cave.

Gear S3

The tough built active wear Gear S3 is feature heavy smartwatch at a reasonable price point. Offered in both LTE cellular and non-cellular models.The cellular model can stream Spotify with the premium subscription.While the streaming works well it does drain the battery quickly. The LTE model can take calla and connect to some standalone apps. Samsung’s health and tracking apps are really well done. The Gear S3 is water resistant, so it is not a swimmer.

Gear Sport

The Gear sport is waterproof and can even track swimming.It’s a bit smaller than the Gear S.It has s rotating bezel for navigation. It has a sporty looking stainless steel body. The Gear Sport does not offer and LTE version, so you have to pair it with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It does have 4 Gb of internal storage to download lots of play lists.

No matter which Samsung smartwatch you shopping for we are hunting down the best in store and online sales, deals and offer the Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 and Gear Sport smartwatches to you get the best price for Black Friday 2018.These feature packed smartwatches are a great option for Android user. Before you buy make sure you like Samsung’s S health app line because fitness tracking is really the heart and soul of these smartwatches. We expect there to be some great deals on the Galaxy Watch. Keep your eye out for some shelf clearing deals on last year’s Gear S3 and Gear Sport.We also expect some of the cell phone retailers to offer Samsung Bundles buy new Note 9 and get a smartwatch free, we will keep you posted. Black Friday is great excuse to clear out last year’s models.Check back for the latest deals, sales, offers and bundles as Black Friday 2018 gets closer.

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