Travel Deal Tuesday 2022: Flights, Cruises, Vacation Packages & More

Get ready for big travel deals on flights, hotels, cruises, vacation packages and more on Tuesday November 30th as part of Travel Deal Tuesday 2022.

Cheap Flights

Black Friday deals usually focus on transcontinental airfare including flights to/from Europe (such as London or Paris), Africa, Asia and Australia; while popular US destinations such as Hawaii, Las Vegas and Florida will also see discounts. Travel Deal Tuesday is known for the large quantity of cheap flights, which Hopper has found exceed the number of airline ticket deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

We will be searching for Travel Deal Tuesday flight deals in 2022 on Delta, American Airlines, United, Southwest, Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian airlines and a few other US airlines. We also expect to see cheap tickets on discount airlines such as Frontier, JetBlue and Spirit. International tickets should be available from airlines including British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Fiji Airways, Icelandair, LATAM, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines.

Since we have been doing this for a few years now, we have to admit that we have found the best time to secure a cheap flight is when you see a deal offer for a vacation destination that interests you, and that has not sold out yet, and those spring up throughout the holiday shopping season. If you see a pre-Black Friday deal on a transcontinental flight, I would not wait to pull the trigger because you might see a better deal on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Travel Deal Tuesday. As you are checking out the deals, be sure to keep an eye on blackout dates, sale expirations, destination restrictions, and checked baggage costs, among other things.

At the same time, we know that there are going to be deals popping up starting in the pre-Black Friday period and running well through Travel Deal Tuesday 2022, so you do not have to pull the trigger on a flight that is available at a low price without an advertised just because it is Black Friday. Travel Deal Tuesday may have just started in 2017, but it has seen rapid adoption and now most of the major airlines and travel providers are participating.

Before the pandemic, USA Today published an article discussing whether flight prices on Travel Deal Tuesday were cheaper or more expensive then tickets on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And the answer was resoundingly: it depends! On domestic flights, Tuesday overwhelmingly beat Friday, but came in slightly more expensive than Cyber Monday. For international flights, Cyber Monday was the cheapest with Black Friday following it up. Travel Tuesday was significantly behind the two more established holidays. However – you know the truth as well as we do – the sheer quantity and amount of discounts don’t really matter if you don’t want to go to the destination offered.

One of the best pieces of advice that we have seen in the Black Friday ticket wars is to try to get a sense of prices before the holiday shopping deals begin, so that you know what is a real discount and what is more of a fake offer to take advantage of your open wallet.

Cruise Deals

Some of the cruise ships that we will be looking for cruise deals on include:
Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Cunard, Disney Cruise Line, Holland America, Norwegian, Princess Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Royal Caribbean

What kind of deals do we expect to see on cruises? We tend to see multi-passenger discounts such as 3rd/4th guests free, room upgrades to an oceanfront/balcony or higher, free open bar, free excursions or discount credits, free wifi, kids sail free, onboard credits, 2-for-1 deposits, gratuities included, and more.

Where are the cruises scheduled to go? Perpetual favorites for November discounts include trips to Alaska, Bahamas, Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe and more. Warm weather vacations such as the Bahamas, Caribbean and Hawaii will be for winter 2022-2023 while colder weather trips to Alaska and Europe will be focused on pre-sales of summer 2023 trips.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the travel industry for years to come, and the cruise lines have been among those severely impacted. They had to shut down operations, cancel cruises, impose new cleaning protocols, layoff employees, take on debt and revamp operations. Cruises restarted in 2021 with a phased-in approach mandated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with its October 2020 conditional sailing order in place until November 2021.

Hotel and Resort Deals

One of the biggest surprises that we learned about when we started researching the Black Friday deals on vacations a few years back is the sheer number of luxury hotel, resort and bed & breakfast deals that are pushed out to consumers over the holiday shopping season. You can find discounts on some incredible rooms and properties if you are willing to commit to making the trek to their destination before the rest of the budget travel shoppers do!

Some of the big names in travel that you can expect will be posting hotel deals around this time period include:, Caesars, Choice Hotels, Expedia, Hilton,, Hyatt, IHG, Marriott, MGM Resorts, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, and Virgin Hotels. If you look hard you will also see lots of independent hotels and other vacation providers offering price discounts or other deals to fill up their available rooms for the next year.

One area that we do see a lot of Black Friday deals in this area, and expect will run over to Travel Deal Tuesday is weekend getaways. A two or three night romantic getaway with dinner and entertainment (or other amenities instead) is frequently offered over the holiday shopping season for different destinations.

Vacation Package Deals

From all-inclusive beachfront resorts to African Safaris, this is a great time to plan your adventure getaway for the next year. One of the best ways to pickup one of these package deals before or during Travel Deal Tuesday is to take a look at the budget aggregators. Beginning well before Black Friday 2022, you will see them start to roll out early Black Friday sales, and finish strong during Cyber Monday Week.

Other Travel Deals

We don’t know what will fall into this category yet on Travel Deal Tuesday – perhaps car rental discounts – but we are eager to find out! It has been an unexpected world of travel for the past few years and we’re eager to help make 2023 more normal by pointing you to a deal during Travel Deal Tuesday 2022.

Last Updated: August 9, 2022


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