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Find the best deals on cookware sets during Black Friday 2023. Funtober collects all of the online sales and price discounts in print ads on cookware between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday 2023.

The world of cookware has gotten bigger than ever! Ceramic, stainless steel, cast iron, enamel, anodized, and more, are all features you have to consider when picking a pot, pan, or cookware set. Let’s break them all down so you can make the best decision for your kitchen.

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Ceramic – the new version of nonstick, but without the kind of potentially toxic chemicals used in Teflon (including PTFE and PFOA, or polytetrafluoroethylene and perfluorooctanoic acid) and other nonstick pans. Many of the ceramic pans use proprietary materials, so the requirements may differ between brands as to dishwashing and seasoning, but in general, it is best to hand wash your ceramic pans, avoid using metal tools that could nick the ceramic surface, and skip the oil – meaning it’s also healthier to cook in ceramic! We have two ceramic pans, and the food does release when it has cooked, and is super easy to clean as well! If you haven’t cooked on ceramic, we recommend picking a pan or two to give it a try.(We also snagged a pan organizer so they weren’t sitting in each other or with other pans on the ceramic surface, keeping them safe from nicks as much as possible to prolong their life.)


Kohl’s – $69.99 for Food Network 10-piece ceramic set (plus get $15 Kohl’s Cash) or $79.99 for Food Network 10-piece copper ceramic or stainless steel ceramic set (after $20 mail in rebate, plus get $15 Kohl’s Cash)(page 25)
JCPenney – $49.99 after $30 mail-in rebate on Cooks 10-piece ceramic set, and $89.99 after $30 mail in rebate on both Rachael Ray (18- piece) and Ayesha Curry (12-piece) porcelain enamel aluminum nonstick cookware sets
Meijer – TFal 12-piece sets, including Precision (ceramic stainless steel) are 64.99-74.99 (about 50% off)
Walmart – Pioneer Woman 17-piece ceramic cookware set is $59, and a Tasty 30-piece ceramic cookware set with free Google Home Mini is only $99.
Macy’s – $69.99 for Crux 12-piece copper ceramic set; $149.99 for Culinary Science 14-piece set in stainless steel or ceramic

Cast iron – We love our cast iron pan! It is a solid piece that we expect to last our lifetime and beyond, and it is multi-functional piece, allowing us to start something on the stovetop and finish it in the oven, or bring it camping to cook over the campfire. People have been cooking in cast iron vessels for thousands of years, with the patent for the Dutch oven secured in 1708, and flat bottomed pans coming in to use once kitchen stoves came into use. Once widely used, use declined with the introduction of Teflon, and manufacturers closed – Lodge (founded 1896) is the only remaining American manufacturer of cast iron. Cast iron has the ability to withstand and retain high heats, and heats evenly. Cared for through regular seasoning (an easy process to maintain), cast iron is non-stick. Get it in a skillet, grill pan, muffin tin, Dutch oven (a kind of pot), and more. Another option is to get enameled cast iron, which has had an enamel glaze applied, which prevents rusting, eliminates the need for seasoning, but reduces its ability to be nonstick and withstand high temperatures. Enameled pieces are great for slow cooking. Le Creuset, a French company, is well known for their enameled cast iron pieces.
Kohl’s – $9.99 for a pre-seasoned Food Network skillet (12 inches) or grill pan (10 inches)or $19.99 after $10 mail-in rebate on Food Network 3.5qt enameled cast iron Dutch oven (page 24)
JCPenney – $29.99 after $10 mail-in rebate on Cooks 5.5 quart enameled cast iron Dutch oven
Macy’s – 70% off Martha Stewart collection of enameled cast iron, including $49.99 for the 6-quart casserole pot

Stainless steel – Stainless steel is another piece that could potentially be yours for life, especially if you get a well-built set with three to five layers of aluminum, stainless steel, and/or copper. Stainless steel is rugged and can take high heat, and can be used on the stovetop and (save pieces with plastic handles or lids) the oven. You can also use any utensils you care to, as stainless steel won’t chip, flake, scratch, or peel like other materials. It heats evenly, although it is not nonstick and often requires oil or butter to prevent sticking, and can require more clean-up, so if you’re trying to eat healthier, ceramic or properly seasoned cast iron may suit your needs better.
Kohl’s – $29.99 after $10 mail in rebate on Basic Essentials 14-piece stainless steel cookware set (also available in non-stick) (page 25)
JCPenney – $49.99 after $20 mail-in rebate on Cooks 12-piece stainless steel set
Meijer – TFal 12-piece sets, including Precision (ceramic stainless steel) are 64.99-74.99 (about 50% off)
Macy’s – Belgique 11-piece stainless steel or copper 11-piece cookware set for $129.99, $29.99 for Tools of the Trade 13-piece stainless steel or nonstick cookware set; $149.99 for Culinary Science 14-piece set in stainless steel or ceramic

Copper – Copper is a great conductor, making it a great material for pots and pans, where it heats up quickly, evenly, and offers temperature control – when you turn the heat down on the stove, the copper quickly adjusts to the new temperature. Copper cookware also looks stunning in your kitchen, although it can require a little more upkeep to keep it glowing and clean. A more affordable option is copper-bottomed cookware, where only the bottom of the pot or pan is copper and the rest is made of aluminum or a more affordable material, giving you the benefits of copper without the full price. Copper core cookware is a third option, where one of the multiple layers of materials is copper, giving you the temperature control of copper, but without the upkeep copper requires (aluminum and stainless steel, the usual outer layers of copper core,are easier to upkeep) while also lowering the cost of full copper cookware.
JCPenney – $9.99 after $5-20 mail in rebate on Cooks Copper or As Seen on TV pans , $99.99 after $30 mail in rebate for Epicurious 11-piece set
Kohl’s – $79.99 for Red Copper copper ceramic 10-piece set, plus get $15 Kohl’s Cash.
Macy’s – Belgique 11-piece stainless steel or copper 11-piece cookware set for $129.99; $69.99 for Crux 12-piece copper ceramic set

Hard-anodized – These nonstick aluminum pans have been anodized – submerged in a chemical bath with an electrical current applied so that an oxide is produced, which hardens the material and makes it resistant to corrosion, as well as preventing it from reacting with acidic foods. Anodized aluminum is twice as strong as stainless steel. Aluminum conducts heat quite well, both evenly and quickly, and is an affordable material, making it an ideal choice for this process. Unlike ceramic, you can use any utensils you like, although it’s not as nonstick.
Kohl’s – $99.99 for Rachael Ray Cucina 12-piece hard anodized nonstick set after $20 mail-in rebate, plus get $30 Kohl’s Cash and $149 for Calphalon Classic 10-piece hard-anodized cookware set, plus get $45 Kohl’s Cash (page 25)
JCPenney – $59.99 after $20 mail-in rebate on Cooks 10-piece hard anodized nonstick set
Meijer – TFal 12-piece sets, including Ultimate (hard anodized) are 64.99-74.99 (about 50% off)

Other nonstick – There are many offers on other nonstick cookware sets this Black Friday. Ads don’t always specify the materials used in production, but expect materials like Teflon in these nonstick pans.
Kohl’s – $39.99 after $20 mail in rebate on Farberware 15-piece nonstick aluminum cookware set. $49.99 after $20 mail in rebate on T-Fal Reserve 20-piece nonstick cookware set. (page 25)
JCPenney – $39.99 after $20 mail-in rebate on TFal Excite 14-piece aluminum nonstick set
Macy’s – $29.99 for Tools of the Trade 13-piece stainless steel or nonstick cookware set; $79.99 Cuisanart nonstick cookware and bakeware 24-piece set; $89.99 Rachael Ray 14-piece nonstick set; $7.99 after $12 rebate (prices higher after 1pm Friday and Saturday) on select pots and pans, including some in-store only choices such as Martha Stewart 10” grill pan or 12” skillet. Limit 1 rebate per household

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