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Boys and girls start dreaming of going to outer space at an early age. If your child is fascinated with the moon and the stars which fill the night sky, then this can make a great costume option. Kids can choose between orange jumpsuits for in-shuttle usage and white outfits perfect for a space walk. Options for accessories include an astronaut helmet, NASA hat, oxygen pack for space walks, and lab coat for scientists.

NASA costumes are available for kids of all ages including toddlers, boys, girls and teens. Whether you are looking for a jumpsuit, flight suit or just a suit to complete your NASA costume, you can find it here.

There have been many popular movies about astronauts and outer space. For me, I'll never forget my first, the 1986 movie Space Camp, in which a group of teenagers at summer camp are shot into space during an engine test. They then must work together to bring the spacecraft back to Earth. I often imagined that I was on the flight, and a NASA astronaut costume would have made a great Halloween costume for me then.

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