Best Superhero Couples Costumes for Halloween 2018

In need of some superhero couples costume ideas for Halloween 2018? Funtober brings you the best superhero couples costumes for this year:

Black Panther and Princess Shuri: This Black Panther couples costume is our bet for the most popular of Halloween 2018. Given the success of the movie, we think the people of Wakanda are going to be well represented at most every party in the country this October. However, if you love it so much that you decide to go with the crowd and fight for the right to lead your people, you had better select your Black Panther costumes early because they are going to sell out.

Harley Quinn and Joker: This classic couple from the Batman series would be a hit at your Halloween party. Everyone loves the Joker, Batman’s arch nemesis. And Harley Quinn has fast become the hit bad girl around thanks to her performance in Suicide Squad. Joker and Harley togetherwill make a terrific creepy couples costume for those looking to be anything other than the traditional superhero couples costumes this October.

Batman and Robin: This classic crime fighting duo has been going to the Batmobile together for decades. If you are looking for a traditional superhero couples costume idea, you will not do better than Batman and Robin. There are women’s costumes for both Batman and Robin, so no need to worry that you are locked into one or the other based on the historical assignment of gender roles.

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl: With the world getting a sequel to the hit Incredibles movie this year, this will be another popular couples costumes for fans of superheroes during Halloween 2018. Those couples looking for a movie with a strong female lead would be wise to choose from either Elastigirl or last year’s hot female costume, Wonder Woman.

Captain America and Wonder Woman: Pair the famous superheroes of World War II and World War I to save the United States and the world from evil again this Halloween.

Superman and Supergirl: Clark Kent and Lois Lane would be the classic Superman couples costume idea from this movie series, but we eliminated it from the list because Lois Lane is not a superhero. Instead, Superman’s cousin (depending on the story arc that you are following) will pick up the lead female role. There are plenty of superman and supergirl costumes on the market, so this would be an easy idea for both of you to have a multitude of costume options to choose from this fall.

Spiderman and Spider-Woman: Spin some spider webs with your significant other this Halloween in the fight against DC Comic villains. There are plenty of costume options for both men and women due to the popularity of Spider-man costumes, so select this idea with the confidence that you will be able to find a costume that you like with this theme.

Hawkeye and Black Widow: Black Widow Natasha Romanoff could be paired with a number of male characters as a result of her involvement in both the Avengers and Captain America: Winter Soldier movies. We chose Clint Barton (Hawkeye) from the Avengers due to the longstanding partnership between the two. There aren’t a lot of Hawkeye costumes out there for sale, so if you went with another character from the Avengers there would be no shame in that selection.

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee: The battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons was on TV from 1984 to 1987. It has since been made into a massively popular movie series. In December, there will be a movie focused on the popular character Bumblebee. It could be the last Transformers movie, since Transformers 7 was just cancelled. It makes for a good couples costume because there are both male and female costume ideas for Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

Star-Lord and Gamora: Star-Lord and Gamora shippers may only have that one kiss to go on, but these two have shown us that they need and depend on each other, and their relationship has blossomed slowly as their trust in each other has grown. Don’t forget about Star-Lord’s Walk-Man to play Awesome Mix Vol. 1! This costume is even great for parents if you dress up your little one like Rocket Raccoon or Groot!

Thor and Lady Sif: Sif, a childhood friend of Thor and Loki, is considered to be one of the best warriors in Asgard. Her golden hair was turned black when Loki cut it. Left behind in Asgard when Thor was exiled by Odin, she reunites with Thor when he returns to Asgard with Jane Foster, and after Jane leaves, they battle many formidable enemies while falling in love again. While their relationship is not always easy, and they do not always agree, their love lasts through the ages. Grab her enchanted sword and his hammer and fight to save the galaxy together this Halloween!

Deadpool and Lady Deadpool: Wanda Wilson, of Earth-3010, has battled the fascist US forces, including Captain (later General) America, when Deadpool met her on a mission to return Headpool to his home dimension. She’s the version of Wade that Earth-3010 needs, with the same powers, the same annoyances, and the same insanity. Deadpool found her “only slightly less sexy” then himself, and while the new movie out this year (Deadpool 2 was released May 18, 2018), won’t feature this couple on screen yet, that doesn’t mean we’ve given up hope of seeing Wade and his female counterpart battle a villian together while being a little annoying, irreverant, and quite a bit insane.

Aquaman and Mera: The latest movie from the Aquaman series will be released at the end of 2018 and people are already getting excited. If you are looking for an Aquaman couples costume for this Justice League character, why not consider Mera, the Queen of the Sea and Aquaman’s longtime partner ruling the sea.

Batman and Catwoman: Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are tying the knot in the Batman comic book, so why not pair them up on Halloween as well? Even if this story arc ends up getting rewritten, there has been a super flirty relationship between Batman and Catwoman throughout the movie series.

Batman and Poison Ivy: If your man wants to wear a Batman costume and you don’t want to be Robin or Catwoman, then Poison Ivy is the couples costume pairing for you. Although Poison Ivy has been portrayed as a supervillain due to her ecoterrorism, the two have had a much different relationship than other villains. There has been sexual tension between them over the years, and they have each saved each other from death. So it would not be too strange to see the two together.

Power Rangers: Become one of the teens of Angel Grove that magically transform into the Power Rangers. With options for both men and women, as well as group costume possibilities if you gather more of your friends, the Power Rangers couples costume is an easy one to pull off since there are a number of costume options for both men and women. Of course, if you have your heart set on being the Pink Ranger, you may have to look around a bit to find your adult costume, as it sells out quickly.

Ninja Turtles: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Leonardo, Donatello, Rafael and Michelangelo) made their first appearance under the streets of manhattan in May 1984 as they are raised by Master Splinter and fight the evil Shredder and his Foot Clan. The Ninja Turtles are instantly recognizable, well liked among the generations that grew up around the 1980s, and have many old sayings that you can recreate during the Halloween Party. They also make for a great couples costume because they can be paired with another couple (since there are four) and there are lots of different mens and womens Ninja Turtles costumes available.

He Man & She Ra: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fought against the evil forces of Skeletor on TV from 1983 to 1985. The characters were made into a movie in 1987. She-Ra: Princess of Power, was a spinoff from the series with its own annimated tv series running 2 seasons and 93 episodes starting in 1985. He-Man and She-Ra make for a great 1980s couple costume for those who love superheroes.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Pair this conflicted superhero and villain for a unique and timely couples costume for Halloween this year. There aren’t any official Wasp costumes out yet, but we think that a sexy bumble bee costume would get the point across to anyone that was familiar with the series. There should be plenty of men’s Ant-Man costumes available for sale to complete the pairing.

Green Hornet and Cato: The fictional crime-fighting action hero and his chauffeur sidekick. Try on a female Green Hornet costume and men’s Cato costume to complete this Halloween costume idea.

The Flash: The Flash isn’t the only one to have received the power of superspeed on Planet Earth. Pair a male and female Flash costume to move so fast around your party in the blink of an eye that no one notices you and your significant other have moved.

Green Lantern: Pair a man’s Hal Jordan costume with a female Green Lantern costume to form the heart of this villian fighting association of superheroes. Don’t forget to get two rings as they are what grants the superpowers to these characters. It appears there are plans for another movie to be released around 2020, so it may be best to hold off for a year or two before choosing the Green Lantern couples costume.

Iron Man and Incredible Hulk: The best pairing is probably a women’s iron man costume with an adult incredible hulk costume, but there is also a Miss Hulk costume to choose from if your man already has his heart set on playing Iron Man this

Wolverine and Rogue: There are a number of X-Men characters that could be paired with Wolverine for a couples costume. We picked Rogue because their relationship is at the heart of the plot of the original X-Men movie in 2000.

Cyclops and Dark Phoenix: The movie X-Men:Dark Phoenix will be released in February 2019 and the relationship between Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey (Phoenix). Show your support for the first X-Men movie to not feature Hugh Jackman by adopting this X-Men couples costume ahead of the movie.