Back to School 2024 Deals and Sales

We are excited to bring you the best back-to-school sales and deals for 2024. We will post the ads from the major stores and online retailers here once they begin.

When will back-to-school shopping start?

July is the new August for back-to-school season. Once upon a time, back-to-school ads started in late July with the majority of shoppers making purchases in August. However, with more schools opening in August and more parents starting shopping earlier, some stores are starting their back-to-school ads in late June with the season starting in earnest in July.

Amazon Prime Day 2024

It would be hard to have a discussion about back-to-school shopping in July without mentioning Prime Day. With deals from the nation’s #1 online retailer rivaling its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, it has come to represent one of the biggest kick-offs to the school shopping season. In 2024, Prime Day will likely be on July 9 and 10, 2024.

Back to School 2024 Deals

There is still a month before Back to School starts. We will be posting the sales here as soon as they are available over the summer. We expect they will be here in late June or early July.We hope you will stop back then.