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We list more than 500 ghost tours located across the United States in our directory of fall fun.

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Ghost tours involve storytellers, history buffs and paranormal researchers who have combined their love of history with the search for spirits to produce entertaining informational programs that will take you to some of the nations’ scariest locations and give you the opportunity to hunt for ghosts.  Although many ghost tours run year round, October is an especially popular time because people seem to enjoy being scared at Halloween. 😉

Our nation may be fairly young when compared to countries located in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  But it has a rich history that has contributed to the presence of ghosts in houses, hotels, hospitals and other venues across the nation.  You can also tour battlefields, prisons and cemeteries, among other places, to find ghosts.

What is a ghost tour?  There are a number of different types.  Ghost walks and overnight ghost hunts are two of the more popular.  Usually, they are led by a tour guide.  You will most likely hear historical tales about the ghosts before they died and stories about their haunting.  Generally, if you get a good tour guide, it is a fun time.

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