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There are ten ghost tours in Michigan.That is a lot more than I would have expected from growing up there.I don’t think I encountered any ghosts.But it is pretty spooky in the Metro Detroit area.So I’ll let you form your own opinion from this list of ghost hunts, ghost walks, haunted house tours, trolley tours, and cemetery tours.

Here are the Michigan ghost tours that I have found:

Ann Arbor Ghost Walk with Sivan - Ann Arbor, MI

Go on a Ghost Tour with Sivan! You’ll meet on the U-Michigan campus to embark on some ghost hunting. Walk around, stopping at 6-8 locations on campus and downtown that have been witness to seriously creepy events throughout the centuries and close out the tour at a haunted bar, where you are free to grab a drink and see if you can witness the same apparition that the owners and employees have been seeing for more than 25 years. Ann Arbor is surprisingly creepy. What makes the tales on this tour even scarier is that they are all based on true stories and events, personally curated from local history books, dusty records from the 1800s, and a 300-page police blotter. Once you start digging around, the local hauntings rise up from every page and corner.
What else you should know (per organizer)
This tour has you walking/standing for 60-90 minutes (2 miles). Not suitable for children under 13–depictions of violence and gore. Children under 2 in strollers/carriers welcome.

City Riders - Monroe, MI
Visit historical sites in Monroe on a bus tour along with a paranormal investigator from Dead Serious Paranormal. Sites visited include Dog Lady Island, where a woman who surrounded herself with Dobermans following her husband’s death was murdered by a motorcycle gang. Tickets are $20 in advance.

City Tour Detroit - Detroit, MI
Founder Karen Risko invites visitors to the Murder City with her offer of the 313 Notorious Crime & Ghost Tour as a bus tour or a walking/people mover tour. The cost of tickets is $25. Guests explore the murders and paranormal activity in the business district of Detroit, including the former location of the Wayne County Morgue and the site of Harry Houdini’s final performance.

Downtown Petoskey Ghost Walk - Petoskey, MI
For the past century, Downtown Petoskey has had its fair share of spooky hauntings, Edgar Allan Poe inspired deaths, and mobster dealings. Many of these hauntings have happened repeatedly over the years, and local historian Chris Struble has gathered the facts and the local lore that inspire these stories that tell the history of Petoskey from an otherwordly perspective. Join him on every Friday the 13th of the year, as well as every night of their Friday night event series, Petoskey Rocks, for an hour long ghost walk. The Ghost Walk meets on the steps of the Stafford’s Perry Hotel at 8 pm. The walk is primarily outside, please dress accordingly. Ghost Walk Ticket is $15.00.

Fenton Ghost Walk - Fenton, MI
Dates are October 13-14, 2017. Hear tales past and present spirits while walking in Fenton’s Historic District. This is not a haunting or scary event, but, rather a walk that combines heritage, folklore and stories about ghosts of Fenton. Tickets are $10 if purchased 2 hours or more in advance. Walking tour covers less than 1 mile.

Ghosts of Kalamazoo Tour - Kalamazoo, MI
an annual walking haunted history tour on select Friday and Saturday nights in October with proceeds donated to a local charity. Owned and Operated by the Kalamazoo Jaycees, they have been holding this annual event since 1981. Tours featured two different local cemeteries and downtown Kalamazoo in 2013. Hear about the history and ghostly sightings around Kalamazoo from your tour guide. Each weekend featured one location, with tours leaving every 20 minutes. The cost of a tour is $8 per person and lasts between 45 minutes and one hour.

Grand Haven Historical Ghost Tour - Grand Haven, MI
An annual guided walking tour of downtown Grand Haven in Western Michigan with stories of local hauntings, historical events and other local strangeness. The event begins at the Grand Haven Elks Lodge and has a cost of $5-8 (children 5 and under are free). The G.R.A.S.P.P. Investigation team is on site to help you understand and interpret any paranormal activity that you discover on your walk.

Gray Ghost of Bay City - Bay City, MI
Metro Paranormal Investigation ran guided tours of Fort Wayne for five years before restrictions forced them to stop holding tours. They will now offer tours of unexplained activity surrounding the USS Edson instead. The USS Edson is a Forrest Sherman-class destroyer commissioned in 1958 by the U.S. Navy. While serving in the Vietnam War and Cold War, it shot more five inch shells than any other destroyer. Guests are offered a tour of the ship by experienced paranormal investigators and told stories of its history and paranormal activity before they are allowed to ghost hunt on their own. They are offered four nights in 2017: Remaining date is September 16, 2017. Tickets are $45 per person or $70 per person (overnight).

Haunted Detroit Tours - Detroit, MI
a three hour paranormal investigation of haunted locations around Detroit offered every Wednesday through Saturday night in October. Charter transportation and investigation equipment (infra-red thermometers and EMF detectors) are provided. Behind the scenes access to haunted locations included on the tour. Tickets are $35 per person and includes refreshments at a local haunted watering hole. Tour starts in the back parking lot of the Wunderground Magic Shop in Clawson.

Haunted Old Mill Museum - Dundee, MI
This active museum is the home to public ghost hunts and private party investigations led by Spirit World Paranormal Investigations. S.W.P.I. has been responsible for investigations of haunted locations throughout southeast Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. They hold 3-5 investigations per month at the museum, with additional opportunities in October. Although there have not been deaths in the museum, there have been deaths at the dam and on the property. Hunts happen overnight starting at 8 PM and ending at 4 AM. Food, included in your ticket price of $37, is served around midnight. There will also be a special ghost hunt this October in conjunction with the Journey Stories traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian, which will be visiting. The museum will also host a paranormal convention at in conjunction with S.W.P.I. and Metro Paranormal Investigations in early November. The Old Mill Restoration Committee restored this property in the 1980s and it is now run by the Historical Preservation Society of Dundee.

Haunted Travels of Michigan - , MI
Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel speak about their paranormal experiences and lead ghost tours of locations around Michigan. There are offering a number of paranormal investigations in Romeo, Michigan this fall.

Haunts of Mackinac - Mackinac Island, MI
haunted history tours on Mackinac Island. The tour was founded by Todd Clements, who wrote a popular book about the ghosts of Mackinac Island and customer demand led him to create the tour. Costumed guides lead guests on 90 minute tours of the area while offering stories of the history and paranormal occurrences of Mackinac Island. They generally offer three different tours of the area finishing at or featuring Mission Point.

Historic Fort Wayne Tours After Dark - Detroit, MI
Expert paranormal storytellers reveal the legends and tales you won’t hear on our regular tours. It’s not a “ghost hunt,” although you are welcome to bring cameras and recording devices. Event runs from 6:30pm to 11:30pm. Advanced Reservations Required. $30 per person and includes parking. 2017 Dates are: Friday June 16, 2017 Friday July 7, 2017 Saturday August 12, 2017 Saturday September 9, 2017 Saturday September 23, 2017 Saturday October 7, 2017 Saturday October 21, 2017 Saturday October 28, 2017

Marshall Carriage Co. and Ghost Tours - , MI
carriage tours, cemetery tours and ghost walks in Marshall, MI. 90 minute walking tours and horse drawn carriage rides past haunted homes and buildings in Marshall while stories of the history of the area and its residents are told.

Twilight Walking Tours - Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Learn about the ghosts of Sault Ste Marie on the Lantern Light Ghost Walk. The buildings of Portage Avenue are teaming with paranormal activity and the GIBS’ guy in business suit who haunts the downtown area has been encountered by numerous individuals while on tour. Tours run from mid-May until October. They will also hold special ghost walks and paranormal investigations in conjunction with the 4th Annual Upper Peninsula Paranormal Convention in August.

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