Smart Light Bulb Black Friday Deals 2023 & Cyber Monday Deals

We are tracking the best prices on smart light bulbs for Black Friday 2023. Smart bulbs are more efficient and offer complete lighting and ambiance customization through out your house and we expect them to be big sellers at electronics stores, major online retailers and hardware stores from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday 2023.

We will be posting the biggest and best deals right here as Black Friday 2023 sales, discounts and deals are announced or leaked. We are dedicated to helping shoppers find the best shopping deals so that you can save big at the start of your Christmas shopping season.

2019 Deals

Last Year:

Click Here to Save up to 35% off select Sengled Smart Lighting on Amazon for CYBER MONDAY.

Click Here to Save 33% or more on Philip Hue and Echo device bundles on Amazon for CYBER MONDAY.

Best Buy
Sengled Elements Smart LED Bulbs (3 pack) on sale for $29.99 – with hub, app connects to any home assistant, or choose from select LiFX Color Bulbs and save $20 (; Save 20% on select Philips Hue smart lighting; Free A19 Hue Light with purchase of Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) for $109

Phillips Hue White and Color Ambiance starter kit – $199 plus get a $50 Target gift card

Walmart – Sylvania LED lightbulbs, 12 pack for $9 (not smart bulbs)

What are Smart Bulbs?

Smart Bulbs are remote, usually blue tooth or Wi-Fi controllable light bulbs. Many smart bulbs are compatible with Google Home, Apple Home kit, Alexa, ZigBee, Nest and IFTTT .There are other smart light control systems available.Depending on your selection you can choose high efficiency fixtures set brightness bases on time or occupancy, color and tone.Smart bulbs are LED based lighting and many time more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Smart Bulbs typically last up to 15000 hours about 7 times as long as a regular light bulb.

Smart light bulbs are the fastest growing segment of the smart home category because they tend to be affordable and there are a lot of options.All those options, are companies competing for your money and this means there will be some terrific deals Black Friday 2018 and Cyber Monday.

LED lightbulbs are the most energy efficient option you can make for your lighting – they save 85-90% of the energy used by a traditional incandescent (and are about twice as efficient as a Compact Flourescent, or CFL) and last years longer as well (13-22+, depending on the brand, and up to 25 times the lifespan of an incandescent). In addition, they don’t get hot, meaning the cover is plastic, so they are shatterproof – no more broken glass for those who are klutzes when installing, those with kids who don’t always obey the no ball in the house rule, or for bulbs used in outdoor fixtures that may be hit by windblown objects. Those who have installed CFLs in recessed or other upside down fixtures may notice they can burn out faster this way, but LEDs do not have this issue. In addition, LEDs come on immediately without the warm-up delay of some CFLs. There are specific kinds necessary for dimmable lamps, as well.

LEDs work differently than the incandesent bulbs invented by Thomas Edison, with the wires completing the circuit, or CFLs, a gas bulb (which contains minute amounts of mercury and must be properly disposed of – the tiny diodes emit light when electrons pass through semiconductor materials. This technology has been around since the 1960s but has only more recently become a popular technology for home lighting features.

While the cost of regular LEDs has gone down drastically, one of the more expensive versions remains one of the most useful – the “smart lightbulb” or “hue lightbulb,” named because they are controlled by devices other than traditional switches in the home, such as home assistants from Google or Amazon Alexa, and because they can turn different colors (hues) aside from their regular white/soft white colors (some bulbs have millions of color options). Having the ability to have Alexa (or your favorite home assistant) turn on a light in the foyer, dim the lights, or change up the color while entertaining, can be very fun as well as quite useful.

Many utility companies offer discounts on regular LED lightbulbs or even ways for them to help you get them installed in your residence and/or business, but these programs usually don’t include smart lightbulbs. Black Friday is a great time to upgrade your lighting, and grab a home assistant at the same time!

Tracking Smart Light Bulb Prices on Black Friday:

Here are a few of the smart lighting products that we will be following prices on over Thanksgiving weekend:

Flux Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb has a lot of features and regular prices as low as $29.95. The Flux allows you to dim lights, change the color, wake up to a sunrise mode and much more. The flux can be controlled through an app on Android and iOS devices.

Philips Hue series of smart light bulb products is taking a lot of ground. The Philips Hue can change through a palate of 16 million colors (on the Color and Ambiance bulbs), is easy to dim and can be set on a timer.The Hue lights can be controlled through, Alexa, Google Home and Apple Home. The Hue bulbs have a lifetime of up to 25,000 hours. The Philips Hue line of products was designed with ability to expand the number of lights, add smart switches and much more.Philips has tons of other products in the smart lighting space, like the Philips Hue Go for$79.00, which is a rechargeable portable smart light. Philips is currently running a special on a Hue 2 Color bulb starter kit with a free Amazon Echo Dot for $129.99.

On the lower end of the price offerings are non-color Smart Bulbs that require a hub. The Hub, usually Alexa, Google Home or Apple Home, are used as the light bulbs controller.Some great options are the Philips White Hue at $11.99 and the Cree Connected LED Bulb at $15.95. They offer dimming, timers and super lone life spans (listed as 23 years).

We will be keeping close track as Black Friday 2019 sale pricing, discounts and deals are released.We are expecting slashed prices and great bundle deals on Smart bulbs for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.Smart Bulbs are an affordable entry product into the smart home space and the sellers will offer great deals to get you started down the smart home path. Check back soon because we will be updating prices to make sure you get the greatest deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019.

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