Amazon Echo Input Deals for Black Friday 2023 and Cyber Monday

Find the best deals on the Amazon Echo Input for Black Friday 2023. We are hunting down the latest information on the release date, sales, deals and offers on the Echo Input from pre-Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday 2023.

This is the most affordable way to get all of Alexa’s functionality into your home. The Echo input plugs into existing speakers and turns it into and Echo device.

The Amazon Echo looks like a fat drink coaster and will fit almost anywhere. The Echo Input has a built in microphone so it can receive commands just like any other Echo device. It allows you to stream music, set reminders, make announcements, control compatible smart devices and anything else other Echo device can do. The microphone allows the Echo Input to do so much more than the Google Chrome Cast. The Echo connects to speakers through an audio cable or blue tooth. The Echo is a great way to give any speaker intellectual steroids and make it a smart device.

The Echo input is currently slated to be priced at $34.99, but will not be released until later this year. It is not available for pre-order yet. We expect the release to be announced in early November so it will be available for Black Friday 2018.In the announcement Amazon already disclosed that the Echo Input will be bundled with some third party speakers. We expect the best deals to show in the form of bundles, so pay close attention if you are in the market for and Echo device and speakers.The only speaker brand mentioned by name was Bose, but there will certainly be others.

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With the launch of 12 new Amazon products last year and a lot of competition in the smart home market we expect there to be some fantastic sales, deals, discounts and bundles on the Echo Input for Black Friday 2020 and Cyber Monday. We are tracking all the latest information on the release date and price to make sure you get the best deal.Check back for more information on the Echo Input as November approaches!

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