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The popularity of racing drones has increased dramatically this year, even getting picked up for TV coverage on Eurosport and Discovery channel. All of which is going to translate into great sales, deals, sales, discounts and specials offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023. There is a wide array of racing drones available in different sizes and price ranges. Cutting edge technology is always priced to sell from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday, so we will be watching for the best sales and deals on racing drones throughout the holiday season.

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The basic requirements of a racing drone are they must be First Person View (“FPV”). A camera mounted on the drone videos the race and presents the FPV on goggles or a monitor.Racing drones are purpose built quadcopters designed specifically for racing. Races are held in major cities throughout the US.

There are three primary types of drone racing. The most popular and dangerous to equipment is Rotocross. In a Rotocross two or more drone pilots race each other at the same time. The first to cross the finish line wins, so you can expect some midair bumps and crashes. Drone drag races are set up very similar to auto drag races.Two or more pilots race a specified distance, usually 100 yards, and the first to cross the finish line wins. The third type of racing is a time trial. Each pilot runs a predetermined course solo and the lowest elapsed time wins.This sport is growing very rapidly and the types of races are changing with it.

The two most prominent racing leagues are the DR1 Racing and MultiGP, but there are many other smaller clubs. There are a lot of other drone racing leagues including, Arial Grand Prix, The Mini Quad Club, Drone Derby, Drone Nationals RacingFPV.TV, Aerial Action Sports League an many more.Each league has different class specifications, so if you’re planning on competing read the rules carefully.Each club has several different classes of racing, based on size, weight and other restrictions.

In addition to the formal leagues, there are less formal meet up throughout the country. They can be found on reddit, meetip.com or other chat boards.Check with you local hobby store too, they are great place to start.The local events typically are open spec, so you can fly just about any drone.The main purpose of these events is socializing with people whom you share a hobby.

Racing drone range in price from $200 for a ready to fly beginners bundle to several thousand dollars for highly customized professional rigs.For beginners the best option is going to purchase a ready-to-fly bundle or a lower end kit.It takes time and practice to learn to fly a drone in first person view. The ready-to-fly bundles get you in the air quick, so you can test the sport and see if it is something you want to pursue and not empty your wallet.

Please read carefully if you choose to purchase a kit because they often require a lot of complex assembly and specifically designed tools.To get an idea of the complexity, think precision soldering and electrical assembly.The other item to note, is that racing drones and general purpose camera drones are completely different animals, one is a track thoroughbred and the other a farm mule. They both have their purpose, but just make sure you know which one your buying.

Once you decided the sport is for you, the options are almost limitless, but here are some good ready-to-fly options for beginners:

SWAGTRON SwagDrone 210-UP RTF racing drone.
• It’s a complete kit, with goggles and spare parts.
• Fail safe if the drone fly’s out of range with a locator alarm.
• 5.8GHz real time video transfer
• Currently priced at $439.

Parrot Bebop 2 Power FPV Pack
• Complete kit including goggles.
• 60 minutes of flight time.
• There are a lot of different options to choose.
• The base model is priced around $340.

• Complete kit including goggles and spare parts
• 3000ft of range
• Currently priced at $399.

We will be keeping our eye on the best deals, discounts, special offers and sales on racing drones Black Friday and Cyber Monday of 2019.In researching this article a lot of the more popular ready-to-fly kits are sold out, but will likely be back in stock.We anticipate a lot of great deals this Black Friday on racing drones, but the most popular ready-to-fly options are going to sell extremely fast.

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