Nikon P1000 Black Friday Deals 2023 + P950, P900 Cyber Monday Sales

Find the best Black Friday deals on the Nikon P1000 camera at Funtober during Thanksgiving 2023. We will scour the online ads and print advertisements to gather all of the sales and discounts on Nikon cameras including the P1000, P950 and P900 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023.

2022 Deals:

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Past Deals:

There have now been two years of Nikon P1000 Black Friday deals. The first year was disappointing – as there were no big sales across the board and most retailers had it priced over Thanksgiving weekend at its regular price (despite running it a few weeks before at a discount of up to $100). Only one photography store had it at a price worth considering purchasing it. The nex tyear was better, with the P1000 deals putting it as low as $250 off the regular price with a refurbished model. So now we will see how it does in its third year of existence for Black Friday 2020.

The P1000 and its incredible zoom lens has not yet been replaced – but Nikon introduced an intermediary camera between the P900 and the P1000 in 2020. The Nikon P950 camera has a 83X zoom lens that can handle raw photos as well as 4K video capture. It is the same body as the P900 but with some upgraded features – and comes in priced in the middle of the low cost P900 and the nearly $1000 regularly priced P1000.

The cheapest that we have seen the P1000 camera in 2019 is $729 for a refurbished model at retailers. Adorama has it at $749. Amazon puts it at $795. The savings overall are around $250 off the new model at regular price.

We are a big fan of the superzoom series of cameras that Canon and Nikon have produced. We have owned the Canon Powershot SX60 for a few years now. It has gone on almost every trip seen we bought it. It was a tough decision between the Canon and Nikon cameras at the time but the Canon deal on our refurbished equipment was unbelievable and made it an easy call to snatch up at the end of the Black Friday deals. After we bought it and were already enamored with it, there have been a few new models released, including the Nikon P1000 and the Canon SX70. We have never really thought about upgrading to the SX70, but I have endlessly debated buying the P1000 to add to our camera collection (or maybe even sell our current SX60). The advantage of the P1000 is that it adds a few more megapixels to the sensor over our current camera AND it is able to extend shots farther with a bigger zoom magnification. The one drawback to the swap would be that the Nikon camera is a much larger size. There is really no comparison as the P1000 is starting to be around the size where you would consider strongly shooting from a tripod. We would encourage anyone considering buying it to go test it out in order to get a feel for it. But my oh my. If I was planning an African safari – this is the camera which I would take!

Nikon P1000

Nikon has announced the release of its new telescopic superzoom camera, the Nikon Coolpix P1000 with a 125x lens. Sales are scheduled to begin happening in September 2018.

This camera is perfect for wildlife and sports photography with its 24mm to 3000mm lens. They have added optical image stablization, but you will still want to have a decent tripod when shooting images at the farthest lengths of the camera.

The regular price on the P1000 at launch will be $999. Because there usually aren’t big price discounts on brand new cameras, we expect that the maximum sale on this new Nikon camera will be $100.

Nikon P900 camera

There are frequently great deals on the older model in a series once a new model has launched. Nikon will be trying to dispose of inventory on both new and refurbished models. The Coolpix P900 might not be the top of the line model anymore, but it still has an impressive 83x zoom lens.

The P900 has a a 16 megapixel sensor with 6 level brightness adjustment, 24-2000mm focal length zoom, built-in WiFi and electronic viewfinder. Battery life extends up to 360 photos per charge.

The regular price of the P900 is between $549 (certified refurbished) and $699 (new with accessories). We expect that the Black Friday sale price will take at least $100 off the camera and could have a discounted price of at least $200 depending on how eager Nikon is to move their older cameras before the Christmas shopping season starts.

Best 2018 Deals we saw:
Nikon P1000 – $939 at 42 Photo
Nikon P900 – $425 at Abes of Maine

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales:

We will be bringing you here the deals and discounts from Black Friday for the Nikon P1000 and the Nikon P900 as soon as they are available. There are still a few months until the low prices for the start of the Christmas shopping season will be announced, but we are already getting excited! Stop back soon to see them posted here as soon as we have them.

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Where to Look for Black Friday Camera Deals:

Best Buy - As the nation's leading specialty retailer for consumer electronics, the Best Buy Black Friday ad and online deals usually match some of the best camera sales around. They cater to both the pro and amateur photographer with deals on cameras at both levels. They usually has some of the best amateur camera and lens bundle combinations around during Black Friday.

Amazon - The nation's top retailer usually has some of the best discounts on older cell phones over the Thanksgiving weekend. It's always worth checking out the Amazon Black Friday deals before you make a purchase over Thanksgiving Weekend.

Walmart - Walmart is known for its great Black Friday deals on consumer electronics and that usually includes amateur cameras. In 2020, Walmart split the Walmart Black Friday ad into three ads across November and in addition to a security camera they also had a sale on the GoPro Hero 7 action camera. We typically see Walmart camera deals featuring a low priced, older model amateur all-in-one DSLR camera.

Adorama - Adorama is a New York City camera and film equipment store that sells to amateur and professional photographers. It is one of the nation’s largest mail order and retail photo suppliers. The Adorama Black Friday ad typically offers sales prices throughout November as it kicks off its holiday deals early. As a leading camera retailer, it offers sales and price discounts on many products of the top camera manufacturers including Canon, Nikon and Sony.

B&H Photo - B&H Photo Video is one of the largest non-chain photo and video equipment stores in the United States. It was founded in 1973 and has a store in Manhattan. B&H caters primarily to equipment used by professional photographers and videographers, as well as amateurs. You can expect that the B&H Photo Black Friday sale and Holiday sales will include discounts on some of the top cameras brands, video and audio equipment around.

Canon - This Japanese imaging company has produced some of the top DSLR, mirrorless and professional lenses for photographers. Every year in November they launch the Canon Black Friday deals on their website for their cameras and lenses. These discounts are usually replicated at other top camera retailers like Best Buy and Adorama.

Nikon - This multinational imaging company with its headquarters in Japan offers big Nikon Black Friday deals every November, followed by a holiday sale to kick off the Christmas shopping season. If you are looking for a new Nikon camera or lens for yourself or a family member that loves photography, this is the time to pony up to save big!

Sony - Sony has become one of the leading providers of mirrorless cameras including the Sony A9 and the A7R IV cameras, making the Sony electronics website a must have stop for those looking for pro and prosumer cameras during the Sony Black Friday sale.

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