Nikon Coolpix P1000, P900 Black Friday 2019 Camera Deals

Find the best Black Friday deals on the Nikon P1000 camera at Funtober during Thanksgiving 2019. We will scour the online ads and print advertisements to gather all of the sales and discounts on Nikon cameras including the P1000 and P900 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019.

Nikon P1000

Nikon has announced the release of its new telescopic superzoom camera, the Nikon Coolpix P1000 with a 125x lens. Sales are scheduled to begin happening in September 2018.

This camera is perfect for wildlife and sports photography with its 24mm to 3000mm lens. They have added optical image stablization, but you will still want to have a decent tripod when shooting images at the farthest lengths of the camera.

The regular price on the P1000 at launch will be $999. Because there usually aren’t big price discounts on brand new cameras, we expect that the maximum sale on this new Nikon camera will be $100.

Nikon P900 camera

There are frequently great deals on the older model in a series once a new model has launched. Nikon will be trying to dispose of inventory on both new and refurbished models. The Coolpix P900 might not be the top of the line model anymore, but it still has an impressive 83x zoom lens.

The P900 has a a 16 megapixel sensor with 6 level brightness adjustment, 24-2000mm focal length zoom, built-in WiFi and electronic viewfinder. Battery life extends up to 360 photos per charge.

The regular price of the P900 is between $549 (certified refurbished) and $699 (new with accessories). We expect that the Black Friday sale price will take at least $100 off the camera and could have a discounted price of at least $200 depending on how eager Nikon is to move their older cameras before the Christmas shopping season starts.

Best 2018 Deals we saw:
Nikon P1000 – $939 at 42 Photo
Nikon P900 – $425 at Abes of Maine

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales:

We will be bringing you here the deals and discounts from Black Friday for the Nikon P1000 and the Nikon P900 as soon as they are available. There are still a few months until the low prices for the start of the Christmas shopping season will be announced, but we are already getting excited! Stop back soon to see them posted here as soon as we have them.

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Nikon Black Friday 2019 Camera Deals

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