360 Degree Camera Black Friday 2023 Deals

Find deals on 360 degree cameras for Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2023 to immerse yourself in a VR experience this Thanksgiving. We will bring you info about the biggest and best deals and discounts here when the savings are announced online or in an advertisement for Black Friday 2023. We are committed to helping you find the best shopping deals of the year from Amazon Prime Day to Thanksgiving Weekend. So get ready to save in 2023, 2024 and beyond!

Insta 360 One R – The Insta360 One R is an innovative and versatile action camera that revolutionizes the concept of capturing moments. Its unique modular design allows users to switch between different lens modules, offering a 360-degree camera, a 4K wide-angle lens, and a 1-inch sensor module co-engineered with Leica for superior image quality. This adaptability makes it perfect for a wide range of scenarios, from extreme sports to cinematic shooting. The One R features advanced stabilization with FlowState, ensuring smooth footage. It also supports 5.3K video recording, waterproof capabilities, and AI-powered features like Auto Frame and Shot Lab, making creative videography more accessible and engaging.

Insta 360 X3 – The Insta360 X3 is a versatile and user-friendly 360-degree camera that caters to both enthusiasts and professionals seeking to capture immersive content. Equipped with dual lenses, it records sharp and vivid 5.7K 360-degree videos and 72MP photos, offering exceptional clarity and detail. Its standout features include FlowState Stabilization for ultra-smooth footage and a new larger touchscreen for easier navigation and control. The X3 also supports various creative modes like Bullet Time, TimeShift, and 360-degree live streaming, enhancing storytelling possibilities. With its rugged, waterproof design and improved battery life, the Insta360 X3 is ideal for adventure sports, travel, and content creation in challenging environments.

GoPro Max – The GoPro Max revolutionizes 360-degree action photography with its advanced capabilities and user-friendly design. This camera captures breathtaking 5.6K30 video and 16.6MP photos, offering a full, immersive panoramic experience. Equipped with Max HyperSmooth, it ensures incredibly stable footage, a game-changer for action-packed scenes. The Max’s standout feature is its PowerPano mode for 270-degree panoramic shots without distortion. Its rugged design is waterproof up to 16 feet, making it ideal for all kinds of adventures. The GoPro Max also features six built-in microphones for amazing 360-degree audio, intuitive touchscreen controls, and voice command functionality, delivering an unmatched, versatile creative tool for content creators.

Rico Theta X – The Ricoh Theta X is an advanced 360-degree camera designed for capturing high-quality spherical images and videos with ease. It features a new 1/2.0-inch image sensor and can shoot 11K (60-megapixel) still images and 5.7K videos, delivering exceptional detail and clarity. The Theta X stands out with its first-ever 2.25-inch full-color touchscreen display, enhancing usability and providing direct control over settings and previews. It offers improved connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and supports external memory via a microSD card slot. Its compact, lightweight design makes it highly portable, ideal for travel, events, and virtual tours. The Theta X marks a significant step forward in the world of immersive photography and videography.

Insta 360 Pro 2 – The Insta360 Pro 2 is a high-end 360-degree camera designed for professional VR content creation. It features six F2.4 fisheye lenses, capturing immersive 8K 3D video and high-resolution photos with remarkable clarity and detail. The Pro 2 supports HDR and has an ISO range up to 6400, ensuring excellent performance in various lighting conditions. It’s equipped with FlowState Stabilization, providing incredibly smooth footage without the need for additional gear. The camera includes Farsight, a live monitoring system for remote control over a long range. Its user-friendly design and seamless integration with editing software make it a top choice for filmmakers and content creators in the realm of virtual reality and 360-degree storytelling.

Insta 360 Titan – The Insta360 Titan is an extraordinary professional-grade 360-degree VR camera, designed for filmmakers and content creators seeking unparalleled image quality in immersive media. It features eight 200-degree fisheye lenses, equipped with large Micro Four Thirds sensors, enabling it to capture 11K resolution photos and videos, even in low-light conditions. The Titan excels in producing 10K 3D and 11K mono video, offering stunning depth and clarity. Advanced features include FlowState stabilization for smooth footage and FarSight remote monitoring for precise control. Its high-end performance, combined with easy-to-use software, makes the Titan a powerhouse for VR content production, delivering cinematic results in immersive storytelling.

2022 Deals:

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Past Deals:

We are just starting to update our information for Black Friday and we know one product in this market that we will be following closely: the GoPro Fusion.  The new action camera from 2019 with 360 degree 5.2K video is sure to be a popular choice among action camera enthusiasts looking to capture every moment from their adventures.

We will be bringing more information about the Black Friday GoPro Fusion deals and other products soon.

Here are some of the VR cameras:

Ricoh Theta V – a high end 360-degree camera providing for recording high quality images with advanced functions. It is Ricoh’s new flagship 360 camera with 4K video resolution and livestream via wireless. The battery allows for approximately 80 minutes of video or 300 still photos.

Insta360 One – This 360 camera captures 4K video and 24 MP photos. It has 6-axis stablization, FreeCapture filming, and livestreaming. The regular price is $299. Accessory options for an additional fee include tripod, drone, helmet, waterproof housing, selfie stick and bluetooth remote, and suction-cup base.

Samsung Gear 360 (2017) – It captures life in stunning 4K video as well as 15 megapixel photos captured by its dual 180 degree lenses. It has been given the model number SM-R210. It includes 4K video resolution, a handheld friendly design, larger memory capacity, and live stream capability. It is also lighter with a longer battery life.

Kodak Orbit360 4K – Capture and share 360 degree photos and videos with this Kodak PixPro camera using the mobile app for either iOS or ANDROID. Live stream to Youtube or Facebook by following the tutorials.

Kodak SP360 4K – This 360 camera from Kodak captures 4K video at 30 fps or photos at 12 megapixels. It comes in a tiny package with a base but has a decent 235 degree viewing angle above the base. It is priced at $449 for a single VR camera. The one drawback is that you have to bundle two together to capture every direction, raising the price to $899 for the DUAL PRO Pack.

LG 360 Cam – A compact 360 camera with one click image capturing via 13 MP wide-angle cameras or 2K video recording. Supports Android or iOS. The regular price is $199.99

Garmin Virb 360 – A rugged, waterproof 360 degree camera with 4K/30fps auto-stitching, 4 built-in microphones, and spherical stabilization. Record for more than 1 hour on 1 charge. Mobile app and desktop software to livestream or edit videos on the go. It is regularly priced at $799.99.

Nikon KeyMission 360 – Capture 360 videos in 4K Ultra HD or 23.9 MP photos. SnapBridge integration for real-time wireless sharing. The camera is waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof with no additional housing.

360Fly 4K Camera – Full 360° horizontal x 240° vertical field of view. Dustproof and Shockproof. Desktop and mobile apps for iOS or Android. Live stream to Facebook with a resolution of 180p.

Humaneyes Vuze – a lightweight and simple consumer-level VR camera manufactured that captures UHD 4K via eight cameras (stitching software required such as Videomaker HQ). It is splash proof, dust tight, and built-in WiFi. The regular price is $849.

Outerdo Sport Camera – A 360 degree panoramic camera with a large 230 degree lens for the entry level 360 camera user manufactured by an outdoor mountain bike components retailer.

Panono – The highest resolution camera on the market for panoramic photography. A combination of 36 fixed-focus cameras that provides outstanding image quality via fully automated stitching together to provide a 360 degree viewing experience.

Old Best Buy Deals

360fly 4K Action camera – $299.99 (save $200)
360fly 360 Degree HD Action Camera – $130.99 (save $169)
Ricoh Theta S – $239.99 (save $90)
Ricoh Theta V – $399.99 (save $30)

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