Rock Tumbler Deals for Black Friday 2019

We are tracking the best deals for Black Friday 2019 on the rock tumbler, a holiday classic.We are searching online and in print to being you the best deals on rock tumblers.Polishing stones into smooth shiny gem looking rocks is a hobby all its own.Whether you find the rocks locally or purchase the convenient refills the rock tumbler will provide for hours of fun.

Tumbling rocks is a fun hobby. The only things you need are a tumbler, grit and rocks to tumble.There is a large selection of toy and hobby tumblers available, we are tracking the best Black Friday deals on those below.The grit is an aggregate that comes in several different graded depending on how smooth or polished you want your tumbled rocks. You can buy rock refills or hunt for them locally. Most rock tumbler kits are complete ready to run, but depending on your budget additional grit or rocks may be great additional gift. We expect to find great deals in store and online this Black Friday 2019 on rock tumblers.There are a lot of options and add on with this excellent gift choice.

Here is what we are tracking:

National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit – Currently priced at $69.99
• Complete kits includes tumbler, rocks (1/2 lb.), several jewelry making supplies and learners guide.
• Quiet rubber lined tumbling drum.
• The powerful motor can handle up to lb. of capacity
• Can be used to tumble sea glass and metal as well.

National Geographic Professional Rock Tumbler – Currently priced at $119.99
• An upgraded version of the hobby tumbler
• The additional features are an automatic shutoff, tumbling speed controls and a1lb. capacity noise reducing barrel.
• In addition it comes with a full lb. of tumbling rocks.

National Geographic Grit Refill – Currently price at $29.99
• Enough grit to process 8-10 lbs. of rocks.
• 4 different grades of grit for different levels of smoothness and polish.
• Compatible with all tumblers.

Dr. Cool Hobby Rock Tumbler – Currently priced at $69.99
• Includes everything you need to get started, ½ lb. of stone, 4 grades of grit, jewelry fastenings and polishing guide.
• Sturdy metal base and strong motor.
• Noise reducing rubber coated tumbling barrel.
• Dr. Cool ½ lb. rock refills are priced at $13.99.

NSI Rock Tumbler Classic – Currently price at $36.86
• When they say classic they mean it. I had one of these as a kid in the mid-80s.
• Noisier than the other options, it comes in at a much lower price point.
• NSI ½ lb. rock refills are available for $11.98.

2018 Deals

Amazon Deals on Rock Tumblers – Click Here:
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series 110V 7L Rotary Tumbler – $127.24 (save $31.81)
NSI Rock Tumbler Classic – $35.49 (save $14.50)
Lortone QT-66 Rotary Rock Tumbler – $239.95 (save $42.04)

No matter what rock tumbler you choose we are tracking the bets prices and deal for Black Friday 2019.This is a classic holiday gift and there will be some great deals and bundles on them as Black Friday approaches.As they are every Black Friday we expect aggressive sales and great deals on toys and hobby stuff for Black Friday.Check back for great deals on rock tumblers.

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