New Amazon Smart Home Product Deals (Microwave, Dot, Sub, Fire TV,+) for Black Friday 2018

Over the last few weeks Amazon has announced an invasion of smart home products which will start hitting shelves now and sprinkled out before Black Friday 2023 and Cyber Monday. So far some of the products are novelty home of the future type stuff, neat with a small convenience upside, while others are very practical. However, Amazon has made one thing clearly they intend to take over your home and dominate the rapidly growing smart home market.

We are following the announcements and release dates closely. What we intend to do is lay out the features and specs for all these products, but more importantly try to help you time your purchase so you can get the best deal. The timing of these product announcement and availability dates is no coincidence, it is just early enough to build Black Friday 2023 and Cyber Monday hype. We expect that Amazon will continue to build the buzz surrounding all these products and announce some early bird sales and offers at the beginning of November. Watch for particularly good deals on bundled products. Before we get to deep on getting the best price, here is a quick look at what Amazon products will be arriving at doors nationwide shortly.
Here is what we are tracking:

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen); The most popular of the Amazon voice controller and also the most affordable currently priced at $49.99. The Echo Dot 3rd Gen allows you to wirelessly control your smart home devices. Listen to streaming music on iHeart radio, Pandora and more. The Echo Dot can also make free audio calls to the US, Mexico and Canada. The main difference between the 2nd Gen Echo and 3rd Gen are upgraded speakers and more elegant looking exterior.
Amazon Echo Sub- One of the primary complaints about the Echo and Amazons other voice controlled devices is the lack of bass. The Echo sub is 100W six inch subwoofer aimed positioned to solve that problem. Pair able with other Echo devices to provide those deep tones. Currently priced at $129.99 and releasing on October 11th.

Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) – The all-new echo is small with several finish choices available. Enhanced audio recognition to more easily hear those hands free commands. Upgraded speakers with Dolby Digital sound. The Echo Plus was designed to be the smart home hub, the brains of the operation, so enhanced compatibility to other smart home devices is being added daily. As part of that promotion they are currently offering the Echo Plus 2nd Gen with a free Philips Smart Light Bulb for $149.99.

Amazon Fire TV Recast – This cord cutting DVR box now offers over the air channels including, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC PBS and the CW (with an HD antenna). The Fire TV Recast has enough storage to store up to 75 hours of your favorite shows. The Fire recast is currently available with 2 tuners and 500 gigs of storage for $229.99 and 4 tuners and 1 TB of storage for $279.99. The HD Antenna will currently set you back another $74.99, but all totaled Fire TV and HD antenna will still set you back less than a few months of cable.

Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen) and Echo Spot – The Amazon Echo Show and the Echo spot integrate a screen to your voice controlled Alexa devices. So it can now show you what you ask for and further integrate with your smart home products. Watch videos, set timers, check your smart security system and much more. The Echo show is currently priced at $229.99 with a free Philips Smart Light Bulb. The Echo Spot is currently priced at $129.99.

Ring Stick Up – An updated version of the previous Ring Stick Up Camera. The Ring Stick Up Camera allows you to monitor indoor and outdoor areas of your home. The Ring Up allows you to see, hear and even speak with people near the devices. It allows has a motion detector with text alert and a siren function. The Ring Stick Up Camera is currently priced at $179.99.

Amazon Smart Plug – An affordable way to add voice control to any outlet. Easy to set up through the Alexa app and set times and turn on and off at any time. Currently priced at $24.99.
Amazon Echo Auto – Brings all the Amazon Echo features directly to the driver’s seat of your car. Connect to Alexa using your phone and provides sound through your car’s speakers. You can make calls, add to your shopping list, bring up your favorite navigation app and much more. Currently Priced at $24.99 for invite only sale, will be priced at $49.99 at release. Currently bundled with a 3 free months of audible. Note this doesn’t release until later this year, but it smells like a Black Friday 2018 best seller to me.

AmazonBasics Microwave with Alexa – The AmazonBasics Microwave with Alexa allows you to operate the microwave using your Alexa device, stop start, re-heat specific items and simple to operate. This device includes Dash Replenishment technology which can monitor certain food on hand and automatically reorder. This device has been chalked up to more of a novelty item, but the low $59.99 price point and how quickly Amazon is rolling out additional features, tells me it is going to be much more. Note this doesn’t release until November 14th, it smells like a Black Friday 2018 best seller to me.

Amazon Echo Wall Clock – While this item is not even available for pre-order yet, Amazon included it in its announcements. The Echo Wall clock integrates with your Alexa devices. Its led lights allows you to visually see the Alex timers. The Echo Clock can be reset automatically. The device will be priced at “launch later this year”. We expect Amazon to launch this in early November with some very specific Black Friday 2018 deals. This is the perfect add on to discount and bundle with an Echo Plus or Dot.

Amazon Echo Input – The small plug and play device adds Alexa to any 3.5mm audio or Bluetooth capable speaker. Add all the Alexa functionality for $34.99. While not currently available for pre-order this is another product that will “launch later this year”. Again we expect Amazon to drop sales and specifically some great bundled offers like bombs in early November.

Amazon Echo Link Amp – This is a 2 channel 60W amplifier that can connect to external speakers and group with your other Echo devices. It allows music playback and will likely have some custom tuning options. Multiple digital and audio inputs to ensure compatibility with a number of other musical components. The price is listed at $299.99. The details are still sketchy on this one and it’s not available for pre-order yet. Amazon’s webpage states that they are waiting on some FCC approvals for the device prior to its release. This device is a coin flip on Black Friday availability, so check back for more details.

When to Buy:
This line up Amazon products will be invading homes across the country this Black Friday 2018 and Cyber Monday 2018. The smart home market is relatively new and the growth projections are off the chart, so Amazon wants to get as much space in your home as possible. Amazon needs to get as many people on the Alexa platform now as possible because as the array of Smart Home products grow, if you are on their platform they will be able to sell you more Alexa integrated products. The battle for smart home market share will be very advantageous to consumers. We expect Amazon to offer some fantastic sale and bundle deals early in the holiday shopping season. Historically Amazon has offered some great deals early in November, particularly on their branded products. With the Smart market heating up and the fierce competition we expect Amazon to offer even better deals for Black Friday 2018, than they have in the past years.

Stayed tuned and visit again to get the best up to date offers and deals on all of Amazon’s Echo Products and smart living devices. We are hunting down the best prices and Black Friday deals so you don’t have to.