Metal Detector Black Friday 2020 – Garrett, Minelab, Fisher, Nat Geo Deals

Find the best deals on metal detectors during Black Friday 2020. Funtober will collect all of the online sales and price discounts in print ads on metal detecting equipment from Garrett, Minelab, Fisher, Tesoro, Bounty Hunter and more that is offered between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday 2020.

Here are a few of the metal detectors that we will be following prices on over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend:

Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors: Metal detectors for hobby and intermediate-level hobbyists in metal detecting. The Bounty Hunter Junior and the Gold Digger are basic and made for children. The Tracker IV and Quicksilver are for older kids and adults who are beginners. The Lone Star Pro, Quick Draw Pro, Time Ranger and Land Ranger Pro are made for detectorists with some experience. The brand is owned by First Texas Products, which also owns Fisher.

Garrett AT and ACE: The ACE 250 is an all-around metal detector at a reasonable price. The ACE 400 has advanced features to enable you to dig more treasure and less trash.

National Geographic: Find buried treasure or other discoveries with the Pro Series metal detector from this world leader in exploration.

Minelab: They have metal detectors built to find coins at your local park or for prospecting gold in Africa. A range of options from gold detectors, to treasure detectors and all purpose options. The flagship products are the GPZ 7000 and CTX 3030.

Fisher: Fisher Research Labs has been making metal detection equipment since 1931. Their new line of weatherproof metal detectors are the F44 and F22. They also make equipment for gold prospecting, underwater metal detecting and multi-purpose searching of coins, jewelry and relics.

Tesoro: Offers quality metal detectors backed by a lifetime warranty (for the original owner). Options includine the Compadre, Silver uMax, Vaquero, Sand Shark (Underwater)

Metal Detector Black Friday Deals: Return shortly to find all of the best price savings on metal detecting equipment during Thanksgiving 2020.

Metal Detector Cyber Monday Deals: We will be posting all of the online sales available on equipment during the Monday after Thanksgiving when it becomes available on Sunday night or Monday morning.

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