Echo Buds Black Friday Deals 2023 & Cyber Monday Deals

Find the best deal on noise cancelling Echo Buds during Black Friday 2023. Funtober will search for price discounts and sales among the Black Friday ads for all of the Amazon Alexa connected smart products from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday 2023.

The Echo Buds is a pair of wireless headphones with noise-reducing technology from Bose. They offer in-ear immersive sound with premium speaker drives. They support Amazon Alexa, giving you access to the voice assistant which is activated by a wake word. If you prefer Siri or Google Assistant, you can also connect to it through a supported device such as your phone.

The Echo Buds have a release date of October 30, 2019 so they will be out in time for Black Friday 2019. They were available for preorder in October on Amazon and Best Buy – we will have to see where else they end up on sale in November.

The battery life is anticipated to be up to 5 hours of music playback per charge, with 2 hours on a 15 minute quick charge, and up to 20 hours with the charging case.

They have three sizes of ear tips for comfort and a sweat-resistant secure fit to make them exercise ready.

The Amazon Echo Buds are a competitor to the Apple AirPods, which are currently priced at a premium to the Amazon device. AirPods have been a popular wireless in-ear headphone used with the iPhone for some time now.

Echo Buds Black Friday Deals – We are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the list of Amazon deals this year. If the Echo Buds is included among them, we will post the price discount or other opportunity here. They are already priced at a super low price of $130 which compares favorably to their competitors which are substantially more for active noise cancellation, so do not be surprised if you do not see a discount on them this year.

Echo Buds Cyber Monday Deals – Amazon typically prices its own products consistently through the November kickoff to the Christmas shopping season. If there is a special sale online on the Monday after Thanksgiving, we will post about it here.

Amazon has developed an extensive line of Echo products, of which the Echo Buds is one of the latest since it is a new release in 2019. If they have it on sale in November on their website or through one of their retail channel partners, we will post about it here.

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