Echo Flex Black Friday Deals 2023 & Cyber Monday Amazon Deals

Find the best deal on an Amazon Echo Flex during Black Friday 2023. Funtober will search for price discounts and sales among the Black Friday ads for all of the Amazon Alexa connected products from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday 2023.

The Echo Flex is a wall plug-in that integrates into the Alexa universe and takes up a single outlet. It includes a USB pass-thru and a small speaker similar to one found on a smartphone to allow it to serve as something of a two-way microphone. It is regularly priced at $24.99 with USB accessories priced at 14.99 each.

The device allows you to connect to Alexa as well as gain voice control of your home. The item will be released in mid-November and is on pre-order between September and the release date. We have seen it on both Amazon and Best Buy so far.

The Echo Flex may end up being a more basic substitute to the Echo Dot, which is a compact smart speaker used in small spaces. In past years, the Echo Dot has been added as a free or nearly free add-on to other products purchased during the Thanksgiving holiday shopping season.

Echo Flex Black Friday Deals – We are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the list of Amazon deals this year. If the Echo Flex is included among them, we will post the price discount or other opportunity here – whether that is a discount price or a free giveaway on another popular product.

Echo Flex Cyber Monday Deals – Amazon typically prices its own products consistently through the November kickoff to the Christmas shopping season. The one thing that may change this is if it is running a special sale to include one as part of purchasing another product. If they do so, then you may expect it at any time during the

Amazon has developed an extensive line of Echo products, of which the Echo Flex is one of the latest. If they have it on sale in November on their website or through one of their retail channel partners, we will post about it here.

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