Moodo Smart Home Diffuser Black Friday Deals 2023 & Cyber Monday Deals

Find the best Black Friday 2023 and Cyber Monday deals on the Moodo smart home Aroma and Fragrance Diffuser here at Funtober. We will search online ads, coupons, discounts and other deals for Thanksgiving Day sales to Cyber Monday savings on the Moodo fragrance mixer.

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Here are the details of the Moodo scent machine:

The Moodo device allows you to use fragrance to set the mood. You can take full control of your homes atmosphere by mixing and matching scents from the four different pods in your Moodo. There are currently 24 different fragrances and more being added regularly. Moodo sells the scents in packs of four of the same scent. They also offer six different four packs of custom matched scent families. The scents include:

Divine Rose, Eucalyptus Nights, Floral Magic, Citrus Fresh, Amber Marine, Grandma Vanilla, Incense Voodoo, Jasmine Samba, Lavender, Midnight Thrill, Monoir de Tahiti, Neroli Citrus, and many more.

Do not worry if none of the scents stand out as an instant favorite because they are planning on adding many more. Hopefully, there will be a holiday season fragrance family by Black Friday 2019.

The Moodo is a smart device and can be fully integrated to Alexa and Google Assistant. So you can change the entire smellscape of your home with a few words. It can also be controlled via app available on both Apple and Android phones. The smartphone app allows you to see which pods are loaded into the Moodo, customize the scent profiles or use preset scent configurations. The app also allows you to schedule the time and intensity of fragrances. Sounds like a good plan to rid the house of stinky sneaker smell. The Moodo controls also allow you to mix and match pods so you can create your personal scent.

The Moodo has the capacity hold four scent pods, which last up to 60 hours. The Moodo scents you create will cover about 600sft. Here’s the specs:

Moodo starts as low as $189
For that you get you Moodo and the of the most popular scent families (12 scent pods).

Optional Battery: If you willing to spend an additional $20 ($209), you get a rechargeable battery for completely wireless and portable experience. The battery lasts up to seven hours when fully charged.

Moodo is currently running a “Rainbow pack” 30% discount. Which includes the Moodo diffusor and all six scent families (24 scent pods) for $234.13 and $251.78 with the battery.

The four packs of pods cost $29.95.

We are tracking Moodo discounts, deals and sales very closely. Moodo is a new idea in the market and for that reason we expect aggressive discounts and sales for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019.

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