Karate Kid Costumes - Daniel LaRusso & Cobra Kai Costume Ideas

Shop from this selection of Karate Kid costumes to recreate the classic tournament battle between Daniel and the Cobra Kai. Whether you are a big fan of Ralph Macchio or just prefer to do the crane, you will have a lot of fun recreating the look from this hit movie series starring the New Jersey kid that moves to Southern California and trains under martial arts master Mr. Miyagi. Buy your Daniel from Karate Kid costume for this October:

Karate Kid Costume Ideas

Daniel LaRusso costume – Get this 1980s costume idea to become the New Jersey kid played by Ralph Macchio in the hit movie series. Wax on and wax off for the entire evening as the disciple of the karate master, Mr. Miyagi. Don’t forget to practice your signature move – the crane!

Cobra Kai costume – Enter the mat this Halloween in the 1984 All Valley Under-18 Karate Championship as Johnny Lawrence under the tutelage of John Kreese.

Karate Kid skeleton costume – The Cobra Kai all wear skeleton costumes to the Halloween Party in the famous first Karate Kid movie. Pair it with a shower curtain costume for a hilarious costume pairing from the 1980s as Johnny gets soaked by Daniel on Halloween again. Don’t forget to bring the rest of your friends in skeleton costumes to the fight with Mr. Miyagi though, as it is going to require a team effort to take on him given his mastery of the martial arts.

Karate kid shower costume – The Halloween costume worn by Daniel LaRusso to the party before the chase and fight with the Cobra Kai. Despite being enclosed in the red and white polka dot shower curtain, he is instantly recognized by future girlfriend Ali Mills. She’s never danced in a shower before, but now she has! If you are going to pair this with a skeleton costume, don’t forget to bring a short garden hose!

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