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Become a gnome for Halloween and decorate the lawn outside your party for a fun time. Shop our selection of gnome costumes:

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Why it would be fun to wear a gnome costume for Halloween

Wearing a gnome costume for Halloween can be a whimsical and enchanting choice that allows you to embrace the magic and folklore associated with these mythical creatures. Here are some reasons why it would be fun to don a gnome costume:

Mystical and Imaginative

Gnomes are often depicted as mystical creatures with magical powers. Wearing a gnome costume allows you to tap into your imagination and transport yourself to a world of fantasy. It's a chance to channel your inner child, believe in the unseen, and embrace the enchantment of Halloween.

Unique and Eye-Catching

Gnome costumes are distinctive and easily recognizable. With their signature pointy hats, long beards, and earth-toned attire, gnome costumes stand out in a crowd. By wearing a gnome costume, you can be sure to catch the attention of others and spark curiosity and admiration for your unique and creative choice.

Playful and Lighthearted

Gnomes are often depicted as mischievous and playful beings. Wearing a gnome costume allows you to embrace your playful side and bring joy to those around you. You can engage in whimsical interactions, create mischief, and spread laughter as you embody the playful spirit of gnomes.

Connection with Nature

Gnomes are closely associated with nature and are often depicted as guardians of the forest or garden. Wearing a gnome costume allows you to connect with the natural world and celebrate the beauty of the outdoors. It's an opportunity to showcase your love for nature and express your appreciation for the earth's wonders.

Gnome Costume Accessories

To enhance your gnome costume and make it more authentic, there are several accessories you can consider. Here are some options to complete your gnome-inspired look:

Pointy Hat

The iconic pointy hat is a must-have accessory for a gnome costume. Look for a hat in earthy colors like red, green, or brown, and choose one with a pointed tip. You can even attach a felt or fabric mushroom to the hat to add an extra touch of whimsy.

Long Beard

A long, flowing beard is another essential accessory for a gnome costume. Look for a fake beard made of synthetic hair or opt for a crafty approach by using cotton or yarn to create your own beard. Attach the beard to your chin using adhesive or elastic straps for a realistic and charming effect.

Earth-Toned Attire

Choose earth-toned clothing to complete your gnome costume. Opt for a simple tunic or dress in shades of brown, green, or gray. Add suspenders or a belt to cinch the waist and create a more defined gnome silhouette. Consider adding patches or embroidery to give the costume a rustic and whimsical touch.

Group and Couples Costume Ideas for a Gnome Costume

Gnome-themed costumes offer fantastic opportunities for group or couples' ensembles, allowing you to create a delightful and cohesive gnome community. Here are some ideas to consider:

Gnome Village

Gather a group of friends and dress up as a gnome village. Each member can choose a unique gnome character with different colored attire, hats, and beards. Coordinate your costumes to resemble a whimsical and vibrant gnome village, complete with props like toadstools, garden tools, and lanterns.

Gnome and Ladybug

For a couples' costume, one person can dress up as a gnome, complete with a gnome hat, beard, and earth-toned attire. The other person can portray a ladybug, wearing a red and black polka-dotted costume with wings and antennae. This pairing creates a charming and playful duo, representing the harmony between gnomes and nature.


Wearing a gnome costume for Halloween allows you to enter a world of enchantment and imagination. By incorporating accessories like pointy hats, long beards, and earth-toned attire, you can transform into a whimsical gnome character. And if you're dressing up as a group or a couple, consider ideas like a gnome village or a gnome and ladybug combination. So step into the realm of magic, spread joy and laughter, and embrace the playful spirit of gnomes with your gnome-themed costume.

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Rasta Imposta Juniors Hoodie Gnome Description:

HA HA hoodies are simple costume alternatives that are funny and can be worn year-round
This is an original Rasta Imposta design

InCharacter Lil’ Garden Gnome Infant Costume Description:

Lined zippered jumpsuit with belt. hat with attached beard plus slip-on booties.

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