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Buy a Men in Black costume this October to join the force protecting the best kept secret in the universe. Investigate unregistered close encounters and protect the planet from intergalactic terrorists who would harm the human race. Whether you plan to go as Agent Jay (played by Will Smith) or Agent Kay (played by Tommy Lee Jones) from the hit three film movie series depicting the secret police and immigration force hiding alien life, shop from this selection of Men in Black costumes:

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Last Major Update:

The first MIB movie was released in 1997 and features Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K. He loses his partner to retirement and picks the next Agent J, a police officer played by Will Smith. Jay learns that there are extraterrestrials on Earth and investigates a series of unregistered alien encounters, culminating in the discovery of an intergalactic terrorist plot.

Men in Black II was released in 2002 and once again features Agent K and Agent J. Agent J reaches out to Kay during his retirement, after his memory has been erased. He convinces Agent K to return, and they do battle to protect Earth over the skies of New York City.

MIB3 was a 2012 American science fiction action comedy film and so far the last in the series of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones movies. An alien goes back in time to kill Kay. Jay must then go back in time and team up with the young Agent K to save his future.

Men in Black 4 is apparently in the works, a spin-off/reboot of the original season. The cast includes Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Rafe Spall. The release date for the movie. It is expected to have a female agent with a large role.

Men in Black Characters

Agent J, portrayed by Will Smith, is the main protagonist of the Men in Black series. Originally a New York City police officer named James Darrell Edwards III, he was recruited by Agent K after exhibiting exceptional skills and quick thinking during an alien encounter. As a newly initiated Men in Black agent, J's comedic, enthusiastic, and often incredulous reaction to the world of aliens offers a contrast to his more stoic partner.

Agent K, played by Tommy Lee Jones, is J's partner and mentor in the Men in Black organization. Known as Kevin Brown before his MIB days, K is an experienced and no-nonsense agent with a wealth of knowledge about extraterrestrials. Despite his gruff exterior, K exhibits a dry wit and shows a caring side, especially towards his partner J.

Agent L, also known as Dr. Laurel Weaver and portrayed by Linda Fiorentino, is introduced in the first Men in Black film. A deputy medical examiner who comes into contact with J and K after an alien encounter at her morgue, she later joins the organization and becomes Agent L. Smart and pragmatic, L provides another strong human perspective within the alien-filled world of MIB.

Men in Black Costume Accessories

The Men in Black costumes are famously simple yet iconic. A basic black suit, white shirt, and black tie are the fundamental elements. To make the look more authentic, add a pair of black Ray-Ban sunglasses, which the agents use in the film to protect against neuralyzer flashes.

The neuralyzer itself is a great accessory to carry. Several companies make replica neuralyzers, or you could make a simple one from common materials. Don't forget to keep it inside a black briefcase, just like in the movies!

Finally, consider adding an alien companion. You could carry around a small figurine of a memorable alien from the film, like the Worm Guys or Frank the Pug. This would add a fun element to the costume and spark recognition for fans of the series.

Group and couples costume ideas for Men in Black Costumes

The Men in Black ensemble lends itself perfectly to group costumes. Your group can consist of multiple agents, each dressed in the iconic MIB suit and sunglasses. It would make the group look cohesive and instantly recognizable. For added fun, one or two of the group members could dress up as aliens from the film.

For couples, a pair can dress as Agents J and K, or as Agent J and Agent L. Another creative idea for a couple's costume would be for one person to dress as an MIB agent, and the other to go as a quirky alien from the series, like the talkative pug, Frank, or the multi-tentacled alien, Edgar. This would create a great dynamic and be a hit at any costume event.

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